In năm nhâm thìn, the Marmalade trò chơi Studio developed and released the board game The trò chơi of Life, which was a very successful digital version with more than 1.6 million installations. Following the previous version’s success, this game company continues khổng lồ release the sequel called The Game of Life 2.

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With the new version, you might be accustomed to lớn its gameplay, but it still brings you an utter freshness along with more complex life paths. Besides, the game requires you to lớn apply your knowledge & happiness to lớn win the game apart from just wealth. These features are considered an exciting addition that reflects the way people are living their lives nowadays. So, is the new version as good as the first one? Why is it popular? Let’s join the next section to lớn find out more about The trò chơi of Life 2 now!


The gameplay in The trò chơi of Life 2 is relatively straightforward và similar khổng lồ the original board game. Basically, you will roll to lớn move và accept fate with every roll or take action. Before starting the game, each player has to choose his/her character & the game then randomly chooses a person lớn move sầu first. In the game, you begin by graduating from university, which is quite similar lớn billionaire chess. However, your character’s development will then directly be affected by the spinner.

There are cells that are marked from number 1 lớn 10 in the rotation. When you dial in a specific box, you have khổng lồ move your character precisely with the number you see in that box. Afterward, the playing process keeps going depending on the number you & other players spin. The winner is the one owning the most money in the game. You might think the game sounds simple when first hearing its gameplay. But, to lớn win the game, you have sầu khổng lồ spkết thúc time making reasonable decisions each time your turn comes.


The Game of Life 2 Features


Category: BoardDeveloper: Marmalade Game StudioCurrent version: 0.0.14Released: 15th July 2020Updated: 9th August 2020Size: 130 MB

New Rules For The Spinner

It seems that the spinner becomes more versatile after being added lớn several small rules. Usually, the spinner is used to decide the steps that players can go forward. However, in this version, the spinner has some exciting add-ons. To be more specific, you will be given a number attaching a star to the spinner. So, when your friends come back lớn the box, they have sầu khổng lồ pay you money as a fee to lớn keep going on. Additionally, in some stages, you use the spinner with your components. Generally, this place is where you get benefits, but the rewards you achieve also depover on luck.

Various trò chơi Modes

The game also offers much expected and chất lượng multiplayer mode. Particularly, there are four main ways to play, including online multiplayer, pass và play, multiplayer with friends, or pass and play. When joining the online mode, you will be paired with some other players and play entirely new ways. Do you dare to lớn participate in the matches and against the other online components in The trò chơi of Life 2?


More Diverse Options

Compared lớn the previous version, The trò chơi of Life 2 has improved more by integrating both versions’ features. In the first version, players cannot choose lớn become Vloggers. But now, they have sầu time lớn make videos then cốt truyện them with a lot of audiences. To become a Vlogger, the character you choose has to possess a few essential elements. Besides, becoming a lawyer is also a good option for those who do not want to be a Vlogger.

Players can customize their characters in some new ways as well. For example, along with plenty of outfit choices, the game developer adds some peg colors. By that, players can create characters that make them feel more like their real personalities.

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Popular Features

There are two wonderful worlds, which are the Classic eco-city & the Fairytale Kingdom.Pass and Play mode allows players khổng lồ play the game without the Internet.Online multiplayer allows you to invite family members, friends, or even connect with people worldwide to a private game.This game is ad-không tính tiền, which means that players bởi not need to watch flashy adverts, and the game provides a safe environment for kids.


Graphics is another merit of this game as it gives players a feeling of novelty when they first experience. The cartoon elements are colorful, and you can see that the publisher pays attention lớn every single detail in the game. That is why you can see many angles of your character when he/she performs actions. With this kind of design, players will have sầu a realistic feeling that they are going through a stage in their life. From that point, players might want khổng lồ spover more time on this game.


The Game of Life 2 FAQs

How can I install The Game of Life 2?

If you already downloaded it from Google Play, you must uninstall it. After that, you choose Settings, then Security, Unknown Sources. Here, you enable installation rights by selecting “Select Enable.” Now, you have to lớn download the gian lận version of The Game of Life 2 successfully. Finally, you can install the app usually và enjoy it after finishing installing it.

How khổng lồ play The trò chơi of Life 2?

To rule the game well, you should know how to lớn play it. First of all, you create your peg by personalizing & stylizing them. Next, you will choose your character’s life path, like how you will live sầu your life. There are a lot of different opportunities in the game that determine the life you choose to lớn live. Then, you choose between money & happiness. Will you live sầu a wealthy and luxurious life or a happy life? Finally, you might want to lớn earn as many rewards as possible to unloông chồng new items for your character. The rewards depkết thúc on what objectives you meet, but you definitely earn a bunch of items for your peg.


Is The Game of Life 2 all about wealth?

Not at all, the game is about knowledge, wealth, and happiness. It is not just about making money. You can achieve sầu happiness by having pets, getting married, traveling, having children, organizing parties, etc. To acquire knowledge, you can go to college, piông chồng up new skills, or learn a new language. Eventually, wealth is obtained when you purchase a house, invest your money in furniture, accessories, or new technology. cảnh báo that you can unloông xã the features of getting married and going baông chồng to lớn school when you have sầu passed the main paths.


Overall, the rule of The trò chơi of Life 2 does not change much, saving players time when starting khổng lồ get used to lớn it. However, it has integrated và improved with a wide range of new features. The upgraded activities, identities, and careers are playable for everyone, even kids. So, whether you play the game with friends or alone, this engaging game still fills you with nostalgia. Hopefully, you have sầu a great experience và relaxation when immersing yourself in the game.