Tải human fall flat miễn phí

NameHuman: Fall Flat
Publisher505 Games Srl
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Offers a challenging & physics-filled puzzle experience. Right from the time of its launch, Human: Fall Flat has attracted a large number of players around the world. Especially famous gamers like some Streamer. With the approach of the game to extremely unique players. It will definitely bring a whole new feeling to lớn the new players who approach this interesting gameplay.

With the task of controlling the main character from the starting point lớn the secret gate to complete the game screen. It sounds simple, but things are actually more troublesome than you might think. No epic or sensational action elements. A bright environment và relaxing music. The game brings you puzzles & asks you to lớn solve them to complete the level. At first glance very clumsy but in a very reasonable và humorous way. There are no specific rules or suggestions. The game gives you the freedom khổng lồ explore and explore unexpected arrangements & interactions khổng lồ win.


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In addition to lớn combining with the rules of physics, the game focuses on the element of handling situations in a flexible way. Sometimes very clumsy. The game takes you lớn a place where you can freely create and vị whatever you lượt thích. You must reach the finish line khổng lồ be counted as completing the cấp độ. Sometimes it would be smart or silly. You will be miễn phí khổng lồ create your own way khổng lồ the finish line và make your friends admire, or make them laugh.

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You must find a way to lớn complete the cấp độ without a hint or specific instructions. Solve sầu it yourself using whatever is on the maps. Sometimes there is a game screen where you will be locked in a room with only a wooden crate. Either use it to break the door, or use it as a ladder khổng lồ climb out. That is the intention of the developer. Gives you a knot & lets you solve sầu it in any way you can think of. The game does not limit your creativity but allows you to freely explore và solve sầu them. So there will be no game screen lượt thích any other screen. The opportunities for you to lớn unleash your creativity are limitless.

Play with friends

Having trouble not being able to lớn play & having fun alone? Multiplayer mode limited lớn 4 players will help you with your family & friends lớn have sầu a good laugh. With relaxing moments after a hard day of studying và working. When there are many people playing together, there will be more chất lượng & creative sầu solutions. Failure can sometimes lead to lớn loss, but the entertainment it provides is incredibly effective sầu. Take a weekend or a holiday to lớn have fun and be creative with family & friends.


Comfortable character-shaping

Human: Fall Flat gives you a pretty colorful new character interface. You can freely choose your own look. Impress your friends with a pirate, snowman, or spiderman look. Character interface just enough khổng lồ help each screen become more funny and colorful. However, the character interface is not the core of the game. The main factor that makes the game’s success is its innovative gameplay. New looks only add excitement and not affect the gameplay of the game. Helping you not too distracted by the character’s appearance. It is important lớn solve sầu the problem to lớn get to the destination.

Humorous & fun graphics

With simple, abstract graphics. Human: Fall Flat is not too graphic. In particular, you’ll never see a similar approach to lớn rules in any other game. What the game has introduced will arouse gamers’ curiosity when exposed to this game that the world can be virtual, but the laws of physics are real. The simple interface is easy lớn get used khổng lồ with 1 Joystiông xã & 2 virtual keys to lớn control the character. You must use them skillfully to lớn control the character who can st& và walk. Sometimes it will be quite difficult & inhibitory, but it will make the screen confusing and much more funny.


Overall with a smart, not fussy approach. Human: Fall Flat is a great option that anyone can experience of any age. Along with a gameplay that employs intelligence, creativity và ability to lớn combine flexibly. The game will bring you entertainment & relaxation with family and friends. Always appreciate creativity, develop logical thinking. Download Human: Fall Flat mod to lớn get ready for intellectual challenges!