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The Walking Dead series has made its debut back in 2012. It’s been an incredible 7 years of the Telltale game’s journey. The developers are out with the lakiểm tra installment of The Walking Dead franchise titled The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series. The TellTale Definitive Series guarantees a sheer source of entertainment containing about 23 episodes and 50 hours of thoroughly engaging gameplay. The game has been released for various consoles lượt thích PlayStation, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintenvì chưng switch. 

Incorporating graphical enhancements, faithful recreations of classical elements, behind the scenes bonus additions, The TellTale Definitive sầu Series allows players to experience the journey of Clementine in the most interesting way possible. To know more about Clementine’s story and see how the game ends, continue reading below. 

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What is The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series about? 

The game centers around the growth of Clementine from a scared little fellow khổng lồ a capable brave survivor. She is a ray of hope in a world of darkness. Clementine encounters many protectors in the dark world and goes through several threats, learning khổng lồ retaliate in the process. In an apocalypse, she fiercely fights to lớn save sầu the weak & survive sầu. Always facing disadvantages, see how Clementine outsmarts her foes và emerges victorious. Despite her small stature, Clementine surely succeeds in emerging out lớn the toughest people alive. The game is not bound by any rules. It’s up to the player that determines Clementine’s course of action in the game. 

The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive Series doesn’t feature puzzle solving. Instead, developers have sầu put more emphasis on story development và character growth. Dialogues and actions of players, both affect the plot lớn a great extent. Characters have khổng lồ be quick lớn make decisions. The game is divided inlớn several episodes. The choices of players are transferred lớn the succeeding episodes in the game. 

The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series has been a much-anticipated release for players. They have sầu loved the game so far and critically praised the game’s harsh emotional touch và empathetic connection it establishes between the protagonist Lee và Clementine. This series is certainly well deserving of all awards it has received. Surely it’s one of the greatest video clip games of all time. Within the first week of its sale, it sold about a million copies worldwide. 


The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series is a video clip game played from the third-person perspective sầu. It’s a graphic adventure that incorporates a lot of camera angles to lớn make the game look as cinematic as ever. The protagonist Lee is seen working with a group of survivors khổng lồ stay alive sầu amidst a zombie apocalypse. In the meantime, players are converse and interact with one another và make sure of the items available in the environment. Throughout the game, players can interact và can choose or determine the nature of the interaction. 

In some sections of the game, players need to give sầu timed responses. Failure to lớn act within the mix time can lead lớn significant losses. It’s a kind of role-playing game where timing plays an important role. The game features some conversation trees that require players khổng lồ make decisions or choices within a due time, failing which lee remains quiet throughout, affecting the scores and performance of the other players. Unlike the other role-playing video clip games where the choices of players affect the good and the evil scale, here in The TellTale Definitive Series, the choices of the players will affect the attitude of the nonplayers towards Lee. 

Every episode of The TellTale Definitive sầu Series includes at least 5 points where players have lớn make important decisions within the game. TellTale’s servers are strongly built to trace which players have selected which options & then compare their choices with the other player base. No matter what decisions or choices you make, the game will continue regardless of your choices. However, your choices will affect the behaviour và presence of the nonplayer characters in the later episodes of the game. The game includes interesting combat mechanisms and engaging gameplay. If you have sầu played the previous sequels of The Walking Dead, it will be easier for you lớn catch the game’s working and enjoy it accordingly. 

Features of The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive Series

The lademo installment of The Walking Dead franchise, The TellTale Definitive Series incorporates 4 seasons, 400 days, 50 hours of gameplay, and 23 chất lượng episodes. We have sầu already mentioned what features make the game most worthy. Besides its impressive sầu graphics, visuals, and soundtracks developers have sầu included other additions in the game khổng lồ make it more interesting for players. Below given is a danh mục of such interesting features: 


Intense background music

The soundtraông chồng includes a mixture of more than trăng tròn tracks. It enhances the intensity & feel of the game. The background music is rightly in sync with the events of the game. 

The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series is rightly considered as a game that revitalizes the lost adventure spirit in games. The adventures games had received a backset bachồng in the 1990s và since then The Walking Dead franchise is the only video clip game series that truly lives up khổng lồ the aspects of an adventure game. Developers have earned immense critical praise for compiling the previous sequels into one deadly series và expanding its scope. The storyline, gameplay, character development, combat mechanics, and several other aspects of the game have sầu been praised by critics worldwide. It has also won several awards & accolades. For instance the IGN “Editors’ Choice”, Xbox Editors’ Choice Award, PC Gamer “Editors’ Choice” and the PlayStation Gold Award.

The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series PC Game Download

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The Walking Dead: The TellTale Definitive sầu Series
April 2012
The Walking Dead