Hướng Dẫn Tải Và Cài Đặt Spore Collection Thành Công 100%

Version: 2008
Operating System: Windows
License: Free
Developer Name: Maxis
Total Downloads: 231,040
Category: PC Games
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Agree to the terms of the agreement và cliông chồng Next.If you don’t have a preference for which directory Spore is downloaded to, use the recommended settings. Otherwise, choose Custom and specify a folder location and then cliông chồng Next.Click Install.If you don’t already have sầu the lachạy thử EA Download Manager, a pop-up window will open and ask if you install it now. If you decline, some security patches & updates may not be installed.

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How lớn Uninstall Spore

If you’re not enjoying Spore or you’ve decided you don’t want khổng lồ use it after the không lấy phí trial expires, you can quickly remove sầu it by following these easy steps. I’ve sầu listed some free alternatives khổng lồ Sporeif you’re still looking for some exciting không tính phí PC games.

Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar.
Scroll through the danh sách of installed programs until you find Spore and cliông xã Uninstall.Confirm that you want to lớn remove the game, và the Windows Uninstallation wizard will vị the rest.

Spore Overview

Spore was first released in 2008 and hasn’t had a serious update since then. This is great for gamers looking lớn reconnect with games from their youth or enjoy the nostalgic graphics và gameplay. If you want lớn evolve from the miễn phí trial to the complete game, you will need to purchase it on Steam or with an EA Play subscription.

How khổng lồ Play Spore

You get lớn play the role of the creator of your own universe as you kiến thiết different creatures. Will they be predators, vegetarians, paông xã animals, or loners?


Watch out as your creatures venture inkhổng lồ the unknown & look for food, và create a strategy to help them survive and thrive sầu in this universe. As you move sầu through the different stages of evolution, you will have some tough choices for your creatures. Choose from three paths; religion, commerce, or war mongering, and see how your choices affect civilization’s balance. Other species will try & attaông chồng you, & you’ll have sầu khổng lồ survive and eventually try và colonize other planets in the galaxy.

If you need inspiration or want khổng lồ show off your creatures, login to the online Spore site. Here you can look at what others in the Spore community have done and download different creatures và accessories khổng lồ be used in your universe.

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The Five Stages of Spore Evolution

There are five sầu stages of evolution in the Spore universe that your creatures will ultimately have to lớn go through as they change from basic organisms khổng lồ space traveling, highly intelligent creatures.

The cell stage: Life for all creatures begins as a single-cell organism. This is a crucial stage for learning the basic rules, such as how lớn eat, reproduce, và how to survive sầu. These skills will come into lớn play in the later stages. During the cell stage, you’ll decide whether your creature is a predator or plant-eater, which will determine what kind of mouth và teeth they’ll develop as they grow inlớn a complex organism.The creature stage: Your creature is now living on l& and has to lớn begin to lớn tìm kiếm for food and be wary of predators looking to lớn eat it. While it can go in the water, if it tries to discover new lands, it will be eaten by a sea quái dị. Find the trang chính base for your species, & as you interact with other animals, your creature will begin to develop social skills và find allies và enemies in the animal kingdom.The tribe stage: Congratulations, your species has now developed a brain, personality traits, và a permanent design. Now, instead of controlling a single creature, you can manage the entire species. Your tribe will consist of 12 creatures, & you can further increase their development by finding allies among muốn the other five sầu tribes. You can increase the population of your tribe by either becoming friendly or destroying other tribes.The civilization stage: When you complete the tribe stage, your creature is now the dominant species on the planet. They’ve broken off inlớn different nations và started lớn spread over the world. You’ll still control one nation và one city, with the goal of world domination. It’s up to lớn you to lớn choose whether you want to lớn accomplish this with war, diplomacy, or religion.
The space stage: Once you dominate the earth, it’s time lớn take to the skies & colonize outer space. You will get to take control of a single space ship which is built when you begin the space stage và travel through black holes, wormholes, and visit all the different planets in the galaxy. Once on a planet, you’ll be able lớn meet with other space civilizations và build your empire.

Free Alternatives


?Is Spore không tính tiền to lớn play?

The full version of Spore is available through purchase only. However, if you follow the steps above, I’ll show you how khổng lồ tải về a miễn phí trial, so you can start creating your creatures right away. If you have sầu a subscription khổng lồ EA Play, Spore is included in the subscription package.

?How can I tải về Spore on Windows 10?

Since Spore was developed in 2008, it is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Follow these steps if you have sầu Windows 10:

After you download the .exe pháo tệp tin, right-cliông chồng on the tệp tin, & select properties.Cliông xã on the Compatibility tab.Select Run this Program in Compatibility Mode và choose Windows Vista.Cheông chồng the box that says Run This Program as an Administrator.Clichồng OK.Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

?What are the system requirements for playing Spore?

Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or similarMemory:512 MB RAMGraphics:128 MB Video Card, with tư vấn for Pixel Shader 2.0Hard Drive: You’ll need 4 GB lớn download & play Spore and another gigabyte khổng lồ save sầu your creatures. Visit Spore Website