For those of you who’re interested in the ultimate gameplay of điện thoại actions và would lượt thích to lớn experience some hardcore combats, you will find yourself completely satisfied with this interesting Smartphone title from MADFINGER Games. Feel không lấy phí to lớn have sầu fun with the exciting gameplay of endless samurai actions, as you embark on your own ultimate adventures.

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Explore the unique visual experiences with the immersive & exotic stylized manga graphics, along with the extreme blood và gore effect. The game is the absolute example of how a hardcore action gameplay should be. Join your capable samurai warriors và start khổng lồ engage in your exciting gameplay of actions whenever you want.

Find out more about the awesome Mobile title of SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE with our complete nhận xét.


The game follows Daisuke, a skillful & righteous samurai warrior, who is on his ultimate quest to defeat the forces of evils that have sầu torn the country apart with their madness và cruelty. Have sầu fun engaging yourself in the exciting levels of actions in the game with immersive sầu combats & interactive sầu features to lớn enjoy.

Find yourself travel through the massive in-game world and take on multiple quests along the way. Fight the enemies in the barren villages, the devastated cities, và find your way lớn reach the flying fortress and the Isle of the Dead. Attempt to lớn fight against the evil quái nhân of Orobỏ ra and banish his army khổng lồ hell with him, using your righteous blades.

Here in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE, Android gamers will have sầu their chances lớn fully immerse themselves in the incredible actions và dive into lớn the awesome gameplay of role-playing. With captivating stories, compelling gameplay, and impressive sầu mechanics, it wouldn’t take long for you lớn truly hook yourself to lớn the mobile title.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to lớn offer:

Engage in immersive fights with intuitive touch controls

To start with, Android gamers in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE will find themselves enjoying the intuitive sầu virtual touch controls with simple yet fully-featured virtual buttons for you to lớn make uses of. Start by effectively moving around with the virtual joystiông chồng control, persize your clean cuts toward the enemies with the light & heavy attaông xã buttons. And use the dodge options to lớn protect yourself from incoming attacks. Also, the intuitive sầu touch controls also boast impressive combos and skills combinations, which you can easily exedễ thương and achieve sầu success.


Dynamic view from the top down camera

For those of you who’re interested, you can now engage yourself in the exciting gameplay of actions và adventures in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE with many of its dynamic battle experiences, thanks lớn the top-down camera views. Here, you can still immerse yourself in the environments while having fun with the ultimate fighting experiences.

Intense & interesting battles with varied fighting experiences

And to lớn make the game more interesting, SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE also offers its immersive sầu & enjoyable fighting experiences, which introduces thiết bị di động gamers khổng lồ their intense, fast-paced, and bloody battles. Have fun fighting against multiple enemies, each having their own chất lượng fighting skills and abilities. In addition, the varied weapons with different fighting styles, along with the escalating levels of difficulty, you’ll certainly find the fighting experiences in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE a lot more fun and engaging.

Engage yourself in realistic battle experiences, which will introduce to the ways of the samurai. Stay nimble và calculate the enemies’ moves. Plan your attacks và wait for the enemies’ responses. Tackle down the weak và crucial targets before you return your attention lớn other enemies. Unleash your powerful attacks to lớn immediately take down the enemies as you dive sầu inkhổng lồ the battles.

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Exciting gameplay of adventure with varied experiences

Moreover, to lớn make the game more interesting, SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE also offers its improved gameplay of adventure, with a lot more engaging experiences that what meets the eyes. Here, you can fully engage yourself in the actions and have sầu fun with the exciting gameplay of RPG as you progress. Immerse yourself in the exciting maps, each having its own quality setups. Find yourself solving incredible puzzles, overcome the epic traps, và discover amazing loots. Thus, making the entire experiences a lot more engaging.


RPG-styled character progressions

And lớn power up your in-game characters, Android gamers in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE can now make uses of the interactive RPG elements in the game to lớn further enhance their samurai powers. Here, you can take your warrior through the battles & improve his experience points, thus, allowing for new upgrades khổng lồ be made. Start by upgrading the Samurai’s health, engage yourself in new attaông xã combos, và tăng cấp your moves lớn unleash more powerful attacks.

Experiences the immersive sầu stories with manga-styled adventures

And throughout the adventures, you’ll find yourself experiencing the immersive in-game storyline with engaging and exciting progressions. And at the same time, the manga-styled visual adventures will certainly make the game more interesting và enjoyable. Thus, allowing you lớn truly hooked to the exciting stories of samurai actions.


Have sầu fun with the exciting survival mode

For those of you who’re interested, you can now engage yourself in the exciting gameplay of action in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE. Have fun diving inlớn the addictive survival mode và find yourself going against hordes of enemies with increasing levels of difficulties. Take on the epic gameplay of hardcore actions và bring peace to lớn the world by using your own ways of violence. Slice through endless waves of enemies to pichồng up your ultimate high scores in the game.

Play the game with or without the Internet

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE will also find themselves enjoying the completely offline gameplay of actions. Here, you can freely engage yourself in the exciting pieces of action and have fun with the game to the fullest without having to connect to the Internet.

Enjoy the miễn phí và unlocked gameplay on our website

For those of you who’re interested, you can now engage yourself in the không tính phí & unlocked version of the game on our website. Hence, there is no need lớn pay for the paid version of the game on the Google Play Store. All it takes is for you khổng lồ download the SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod APK on our trang web. Follow the provided instructions & you can have the full gameplay ready to enjoy.

Visual và sound quality


With impressive in-game graphics, SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE allows Mobile gamers khổng lồ fully immerse themselves in the unique anime-style graphics. And at the same time, the overly exaggerated visuals with bloody và action-packed experiences will certainly make the game a lot more enjoyable. Have sầu fun diving yourself in the epic battles with realistic physics and impressive sầu in-game visual effects. All of which shall make SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE great game to have sầu on your điện thoại devices, judging on its visual elements alone. Plus, with the undemanding visuals và optimized gameplay, you can enjoy smooth and satisfying pieces of action from the game on any of your Smartphone devices.

Sound và Music

Throughout the exciting gameplay of SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the awesome audio experiences with classic Japanese music và soundtracks of varied themes. Experience the movie-lượt thích battles with dynamic audio experiences that keep changing, depending on the pace of the battles or in-game actions. And most importantly, the realistic & powerful sound effects will certainly make your in-game fights a lot more fun và engaging.

Final thoughts

Fans of the classic action gameplay in Shadow of Death 2 will certainly find themselves interested in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE. Here, you can freely have fun with the epic actions và immerse yourself in the awesome in-game adventures. And at the same time, also find yourself having access khổng lồ the không lấy phí and unlocked version of the game on our trang web.