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a game by Capcom
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 6.5/10 - trăng tròn votes
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Mega Man X4 would be the second game in the X series khổng lồ appear on the PlayStation và Sega Saturn. The X series has always been a more story-driven take on the Mega Man series and I will admit right off the bat that this game is not exactly doing anything groundbreakingly new to lớn the series, but it is still a damn fine Mega Man game và one that is well worth playing through.

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The Reploid Uprising

Like most of the other games in the X series, there is a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of talking in this game. The story is interesting enough & it features Reploids becoming Mavericks and two badass Maveriông xã hunters in the size of X và Zero trying khổng lồ stop them before things get too dangerous. There are a few twists and turns & in all, I lượt thích the story that Mega Man X4 is telling. It is not as convoluted as some of the later Mega Man games would become which I like.

32-Bit Power!

If you look at this game và then one of the Super Nintenbởi vì X games, you will notice a massive sầu difference. I even think that this game looks better than the other Mega Man games that had appeared during the 32-bit era before this. Some fantastic chất lượng cut scenes feature amazing animation. Now, these have sầu aged & can be a tad washed out due to lớn not being in HD, however, you cannot deny the artwork!

The game sprites in Mega Man X4 are exactly what you would expect. Capcom is the master of this kind of art style và this game is no different. The backgrounds have a ton of polish to lớn them with many things going on. They have a kind of realistic vibe to lớn them which does make the characters st& out, but not in a bad way or anything like that.


More Of The Same Is Not A Bad Thing

Have sầu you ever played a Mega Man game before? Well, you will know what lớn expect here. You can play as X and you piông chồng your stage & once again blast your way through. taking down bosses, getting new abilities, và so on. It is the classic Mega Man formula and it is fantastic stuff. The game is very, very challenging, but I feel that it is a fair challenge.

The big addition here is the gameplay of Zero. You can piông chồng who you want khổng lồ play as either X or Zero & they both play completely differently. Zero is all about melee attacks and instead of getting new abilities for his weapon he gets new general abilities that he can use. He và X play so differently lớn each other that you will want khổng lồ beat the game with both of them. I must admit that in this game, I much preferred playing as Zero.

I love sầu the Mega Man series và while Mega Man X4 may not be changing things considerably, but what is on offer here is a damn solid Mega Man game. I had fun playing this on the PlayStation bachồng in the day and I had a lot of fun playing through it again. I vì chưng wish that they let you play as Zero or X và then change on the fly, but still, this is an awesome action platform game.


You can play as X or ZeroPlaying as Zero feels fantasticIt has the classic Mega Man gameplayThe challenge is high, but fairIt is worth playing through as both characters


I wish you could change characters on the flyThe animated scenes are good, but they look a bit washed out