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While traveling, you might not have a good internet connection all the time. If you love playing Poketháng games, check out this danh sách of best offline Pokemon games for Android/iPhone iOS 2020 that you can play without an mạng internet connection

Poketháng Cafe Mix is one of the best offline Pokemon games available on Android, iOS, & Nintenvày. We have not played it on Nintendo yet – but it sure works offline on Android & iOS. Speaking of Pokemon Cafe Mix gameplay, you will be managing the cafe where Pokemon are the characters that visit you & make orders. You will complete the orders by solving the puzzles; link the Pokemon icon, make combos, và complete the goals. The progression is based on the orders – each order gives you a different goal to complete. You can read the Pokemon Cafe Mix tips here.

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Size on Android – 91 MBSize on iOS – 116 MBOffline Pokemon Games Android, iOSPokemon Quest

Its kích thước on Android is 217 MB. On iOS, its form size is around 300 MB. Is it offline? Yes. But, for the first time, you will need an internet connection; lớn register as a new player; agree khổng lồ the terms and conditions, go through the prologue -> enter the name -> choose first Poketháng, for instance; Pikachu. Complete the tutorial -> you will get PM tickets at the kết thúc of the tutorial that you can use lớn make purchases in the cửa hàng. Once that is done, you can play the Expedition mode offline without any cellular data or Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that some functions would not be available while in offline mode; for instance, shop purchases(of course, you would need the mạng internet khổng lồ make purchases). Other than that, everything should work fine. Just tải về the game và complete the tutorial. After that, enjoy the offline gameplay.

It’s one of the best offline Poketháng games for Android & iPhone iOS – featuring almost all the Poketháng.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

On Android, its kích cỡ is around 100 MB. And, on iOS, its size is around 130 MB. Is it offline? Yes. But, like Poketháng Quest, In Poketháng Magikarp, you will need an mạng internet connection when you open it for the first time. Otherwise, it would show you connectivity errors. Select the language và agree lớn the T&C. After that, start the game -> follow the prologue. That’s it. After that, you would be able to play Pokemon Magikarp Jump league adventure mode offline without any sort of data connection.

Speaking of gameplay, you will be playing as Magikarp trainer; train và help Magikarp grow stronger and then compete in league matches for the highest jump milestone.

So these are the two best offline Poketháng games for Android/iPhone iOS. If you don’t mind playing good clone games – similar Pokemon apps – but with different characters; offline gameplay, training, exploring, catching, etc., then take a look at these games that you can play without any sort of data connection –

Corotháng Offline

Coromon is a new điện thoại game that plays without an internet connection and matches all sorts of Pokemon gameplay conditions. It features pixel art graphics. At the start of the game, your mom wakes you up, you get the parcel, which contains Digi device; lux phone – gives you info on Corotháng. Then you will head to the Lux Town where the lab scientist gives you the first Coromon. You will be playing as a Corotháng trainer who explores the bản đồ, find & discover Coromon monsters & become the best one in the world. The demo version is now available in beta on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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EvoCreo Offline

EvoCreo is another Poketháng lookalike game that you can play offline on Mobile. It lets you save sầu progress locally. Speaking of gameplay, In EvoCreo, you will explore, find, discover, and collect the monsters. You can battle, train, evolve, catch, & complete the collection of lovely creatures/monsters. Although it’s a paid game – you can get the kiểm tra version(Lite) for không tính tiền from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If you think it’s worth playing, pay for the Pro version và enjoy an offline gaming experience.

Drakomon Premium

Well, the free version is online & has a lot of ads. For premium, you will have khổng lồ spover bucks and then you can enjoy Drakomon offline. We would recommend you to play the không tính phí version first – try it – if you think it’s worth playing, go for the premium version and enjoy offline gameplay. It has cute good graphics và there are so many things to lớn do; exploring, battle, catching monsters, etc. If you play online, you will be able to lớn participate in the PvP mode.

Nexomon Offline

Nexotháng is another Poketháng lookalượt thích game that you might love. It’s getting updates for years now và featured in the top trăng tròn RPGs on USA iOS App Store. You can get the Android version for không tính phí – the kiểm tra one. For the full version, you will have lớn pay $0.99. Speaking of gameplay, you will embark on a beautifully crafted map where you can discover a ton of monsters; battle them, catch them và complete the collection! The graphics are also good.

So this would be all in this post on best offline Pokemon games for Android/iPhone iOS 20trăng tròn. If you know more games, comment below. We would love sầu to lớn add them to lớn this danh sách if they are good.

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