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Naruto-mugene.en.uptodown.com Download Naruto lớn Mugene 2.50. More than fifty Narukhổng lồ characters, in MUGEN. More than fifty Naruto characters, in MUGEN. Naruto lớn Mugene is a 2D fighting game in which you can use almost all of the anime và manga characters from Narulớn.Naruto lớn Storm Mugen 5 is a classic fighting game created on the Mugen engine by One Rukhổng lồ. You can choose from 22 playable characters known from all Naruto series, from the very beginning of the series, through Naruto lớn Shippūden & 4th Great Nin-Ja War, khổng lồ the adventures of Boruto lớn.This is a Naruto with almost all the characters for those who are big fans of the series. K I WILL MAKE ONE FOR WINDOWS IS GOING TO BE NARUTO ULTIMATE MUGEN 2 WITH A LOT MORE CHARACTERS. 1_20b79c
1_20b79c. I AM SORRY FOR MY MISTAKE MAKING THE GAME"S FILE SETTINGS. Development Stage. Mugen Published.

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