MotoGP 15 is a video game developed by Milestone srl. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One on 24 June năm ngoái. It is the first khổng lồ be released on Xbox One và final installment for PlayStation 3 và Xbox 360.

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MotoGP. 15 features 18 tracks, and the official riders from the 2014 & năm ngoái seasons of Moto3, Moto2 và MotoGPhường, and will also feature customizable bikes. The season starts with the night race in Losail, và also includes Jerez, Assen and Sepang, with a wind và wet weather system. Other features include tire wear, damage & mechanical failures.

Per official entries, Paul Bird Motorsport retired from the championship, but Suzuki và Aprilia made an official return. One new feature is the ability for the player to lớn create their own racing team, with choice of biệu tượng công ty & livery. Starting off with a Mahindra MGP3O xe đạp, the player must advance through the classes, và recruit sponsors. The game also has a mode which focuses on recreating events from the năm trước season, and in particular the rivalry between Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi và Marc Márquez, và the comebacks from riders such as Andrea Iannone. The PlayStation 4 version features an online league mode, where players battle for the best lap times.

The game includes a total of over 100 riders, each in their respective sầu teams, making up the three current classes (e.g. the Ducati Desmosedici & Hondomain authority NSF250R), và one historic class (covering 1992-2001, e.g. the Cagiva GP500), with a total of around 25 bikes. Some riders need khổng lồ be unlocked via the game"s experience/level system. A further historic class is available lớn download (covering 2004-2006, e.g. the Kawasaki ZX-RR). After Releasing of DLC 4-Stroke Champions It is the first game under Milestone srl lớn feature the main Kawasaki ZX-RR Motorcycle.

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Pre-race introduction voice-overs are provided by Gavin Emmett.

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In June năm ngoái, trăng tròn riders from the 2004 season were made available. In September 2015, 24 riders from the năm ngoái Red Bull MotoGP.. Rookies Cup season were made available. In December 2015, the Autódromo do Estoril (last used in 2012) was released, và can be used in single & multi-player modes.


The game had mixed Reviews. The developer issued a warning that the Xbox One version contained a number of bugs. On the PlayStation 4, the consensus was that it looked ok, but did not improve significantly on the previous game. The Official PlayStation Magazine praised the bike handling, adding that "AI riders put up a great fight, outbraking you into hairpins và slipstreaming past you down the straights. ... overall, the racing is solid & challenging, và securing a podium finish without resorting to lớn the rewind function is a significant achievement." Analog Addiction praised the customisable race options & the stable and enjoyable multiplayer component.

MotoGPhường 15 reached number 11 in the UK PS3 sales charts, as of April 19, 2016 still not available in North America và number 16 in the PS4 charts.