Lego series that you love to lớn get a lot of players around the world. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Lego Hobbit or such diverse companies as Lego games, confused. In addition lớn Gotham: At this time we have sầu entered the world of comics is called LEGO DC Super Heroes LEGO Batman games that come with the game. Come lớn game Batman - Gotmê mẩn experience the feeling of being a hero. The players in the game promise a lot of interesting things for players lớn bring something fun.

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Against criminals in Gotyêu thích City, Batman is no longer a game but go beyond Earth. This time they will help to get out of the room to lớn their friends in the Justice League. Green Lantern & Green Lantern Brainiac Union is threatened by several members of artificial intelligence decay when the story begins. Brainiac"s ambitions bởi not stop, but he wants khổng lồ invade the Green Lantern và Earth. So there is no other option, but not all of them depkết thúc on the help of other members of the Justice League to lớn save.
Players control their characters in the Normal 3 gameplay perspective, which is amazing. Initially, players will control Batman fight criminals. But when the player receives a message Green Lantern, players can help the supernatural world. Players khổng lồ add control of Batman and other superheroes, but it can be changed depending on individual circumstances. And Batman will not change as it is the main character, & it is important lớn resolve this issue.

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Each character has a different ability to play in the fight against criminals và monsters. Almost all the games movie icons Power true. Depending, for example, special skills, performance, and in the minds of other people just lượt thích Batman weapons power. Or to lớn Superman, he gave him supernatural powers as his physical strength super laser eyes or burning. Players can control a character khổng lồ fight, but you"ll have sầu to use two characters. Players can not help when the player wants to lớn change the characters, & the characters left khổng lồ fight against the players.
A quality point when people come lớn stay in the game is not khổng lồ take the hàng hóa. In some cases, players can collect real machines pieces destroyed. Once the pieces of the players, they can be made to support the players fighting machine. Players can also use the pieces khổng lồ create different situations for use in battle dress.
There are many coins, but to unloông chồng or khổng lồ collect the coins on the character of different things such as buying weapons. In this game, the selection includes all the players in the game experience, more than 150 different characters, villains and heroes for the players.
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