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a game by SNK Corporation
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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The King of Fighters XII is a well-known fighting game developed by SNK Corporation. It was originally released for Arcades but was later released for Xbox 360 & the PS3. The game offers single-player, along with both local and online multiplayer. The King of Fighters is very similar lớn other fighting games, such as Marvel vs Capcom, in its gameplay và fighting system. Since I grew up playing different fighting games, I knew that I would enjoy this one just as much.

Fight to lớn be The King

The premise is so simple yet effective sầu. The King of Fighters XII uses a 3 vs. 3 tag-team system with five sầu rounds per match. The game also incorporated many new mechanics into the gameplay. One new addition to the fighting game series is Critical Counters. With this new mechanism, a character can counter their opponent’s move sầu with a powerful attaông chồng.

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Once the character’s Critical Counter gauge is full, they can use a timed counter against their opponent’s attaông xã, leaving them defenseless to lớn a full bộ or finishing move sầu. This is also very similar to the new Guard Attaông chồng system.

Another important addition is the clash mechanism. If both fighters land an attaông xã on each other at the same time, they will ‘clash’, causing them to lớn be pushed away from each other. I especially liked this addition because of the animation made upon clashing.

Characters và Stages

The game offers six different fighting stages, each having different designs & mix in different locations, such as France, Russia, và Egypt. The game also offers over trăng tròn fighters lớn choose from, with two characters being console exclusive. This allows players to choose their characters based on which power they think will be best to lớn use against their opponent’s character.

World Fighting

Being the twelfth installment of The King of Fighters series, there was a lot to expect from this game. With this, the game did meet certain expectations, but definitely not all. It was a runner-up of the Best Fighting trò chơi at the 2009 E3 Awards, losing khổng lồ Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. However, the game was still lacking in development & nội dung. The developers tried to update the game frequently. Unfortunately, the console edition was still plagued with uncontrollable lag when attempting to lớn play online multiplayer. This made it hard for players to lớn put their skills up to lớn the demo against other players worldwide.


Additionally, the laông chồng of content made it hard to frequently come back & enjoy the game. While many games of The King of Fighters series had a story mode, this twelfth installment didn’t. There was also no survival mode to lớn demo how long players could live against the computer, who increased in strength over time.

The combination of online lag và a laông chồng of content made the game very limited in options. For the most part, players could only play either single-player or local multiplayer with a friover. This may cause people to stray away from this installment. Overall, when playing single-player or multiplayer, the game provides great fun và entertainment. However, if you are looking for more nội dung, then other fighting games, such as Marvel vs Capcom và Street Fighter, are better options.