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Most of the roster has now seen coaching và front office turnover take place in their time in Sacramento, & everyone is aware of how long it"s been since the team was relevant. In this context, it"s hard khổng lồ instill comfort, và easy to lose it.

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The Lakers have sầu told themselves they can beat the mundane task of the regular season, get inkhổng lồ the playoffs at whatever-and-whatever, with nothing more than professionalism but the drudgery has already set in.
There was supposed lớn be freedom in Kevin Durant"s exit from the Warriors lớn Brooklyn, but instead he has found himself besieged by bad luck that has him trapped in a new way.
Ben Simmons has accidentally, tragically found a new way lớn play the game. It is more painful lớn witness than passing up a playoff dunk. There has lớn be basketball at the end of this. Basketball Atlantic Division Central Division Southeast Division Northwest Division Pacific Division Southwest Division Baseball AL East AL Central AL West NL East NL Central NL West Football AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West Hockey Atlantic Division Northeast Division Southeast Division Central Division Northwest Division Pacific Division Soccer Other Sports Off Topic

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Guess I"m a little late getting this started. Anyways, all OKC thunder news non draft/trade related goes here. 1416045839219404803

Can a buyout be on the books in one year, or must it be spread over several years? in one year it"s gonna be difficult :)Most likely over the two...

I’m keeping only dort and trading Kenrich . I think both help winning too much and I still want tank properly this season .I think dort should...

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Not a great showing from the young fellas against the SC Warriors today. Maledon had a nice first half then fell off hard. Wiggins still shows...
1423043461062737922 Might need that 2022 Draft thread to lớn start soon, big piece from 2023 class reclassifies khổng lồ 2022 even if his hype has died down a...
So long as they are 6’4” or above I think they can still fit off ball etc . But I don’t believe sầu we will draft a PG with our first pichồng of the draft...
LAC 0-2 but PG13 is playing very very well và they have an easy schedule :( PG13 out for 3-4 weeks & we are good though. Gonmãng cầu need some luông chồng.
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