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Cliông chồng the "Install Game" button to lớn initiate the file tải về & get compact tải về launcher. Locate the executable file in your local thư mục and begin the launcher to install your desired game. a game by Infinity Ward, Inc.

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There Are a number of points in your life when you realise you"re doing something wrong. Getting your arse consistently handed to you playing an online multiplayer FPS is the one that springs khổng lồ mind, having recently attended the Modern Warfare 2 event in Los Angeles.

A more stinging example is when you decide to lớn have a sensible night"s sleep khổng lồ avoid the more obnoxious symptoms of jetlag: và the first person you meet in the morning says, "I went lớn a strip club last night - $25 and she let me smaông chồng her arse!" The look of unparalleled joy on his face, & the fact I wasn"t even jealous, left me feeling lượt thích I was missing out on what it means to be alive.

Anyway, baông chồng on track. Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty might have flown the PC coop và built gigantic, billion-dollar nests on the consoles, but while Sony & Microsoft wage the war of special edition consoles and timed exclusives, let"s just be glad that Infinity Ward are committed khổng lồ PC development, and let"s never talk of Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty 3 again.

So far, we"ve sầu had a glimpse of MW2s single-player campaign, & the Special Ops co-op mode has been showcased briefly. Today, though, it"s all about the PvPhường multiplayer side - with three new maps cycling on the 32 machines. Favela is your dusty shanty town, with tight maze-like roads occasionally opening up into lớn areas filled with burnt-out cars và fizzing pylons. Then there"s the dusty expanses of Afghan, with mountainous brown terrain and bunkers providing hiding places & sniping spots. Finally there"s High Rise, which breaks with the dusty theme & lets you wage war around an office bloông xã and on roof-tops.

Killing Points

Pie multiplayer side of Modern Warfare was characterised by two things: progress và prestige. In terms of progress, the kill streak awards were instant reward for persistent murder, & the levelling & unlochồng system provided a compelling wider picture to keep you going. For prestige - well, you could trade all your progress for a shiny badge that proves you"re awesome.

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A class load-out now consists of your unlocked primary và secondary weapon, two pieces of equipment, three of your unlocked perks, & a death streak.

The prestige elements have sầu I also been built up. Now, you don"t just get to lớn show off with a badge that proves you"ve sầu voluntarily given up your top-cấp độ soldier 10 times, lượt thích some kind of suicidal maniac.

Now you unlochồng emblems through a separate achievements system. This is connected khổng lồ Accolades - end-of-game awards given to lớn those with high kill-to-death ratios, or who"ve done good at protecting their flag.

In the potentially intimidating world of online shooters, MW2 tries to be friendly, offering bonuses for every notable situation. Killing someone who"s nearing a kill streak or who"s recently killed you or a teammate; using a variety of weapons - all these things offer an XP boost & awards that can lend even the worst player a sense of dignity.

When you get that balance right, thrilling the hardcore and letting the ungifted join in, you"re onkhổng lồ something pretty big. Modern Warfare 2s multiplayer is nothing desperately innovative, but it"s a completely sliông chồng and friendly experience that looks mix to lớn easily replace its predecessor in the multiplayer throne.

The Gunned-Down Rundown

What"s new, without bullet points

When there"s nothing ground-breakingly new, but a lot of little tweaky improvements, it"s difficult khổng lồ summarise why a game"s better, especially in a way that won"t alienate people that haven"t played the first Modern Warfare multiplayer. So here"s a wee list of what we know. There are at least three maps - Favela, Afghan, và High Rise - & two new multiplayer modes - Capture the Flag (really, it"s new - don"t question it) and Demolition, which involves planting a couple of bombs.