Version: 1.41
Operating System: Windows, Mac
License: Free Trial
Developer Name: SCS Software
Total Downloads: 666,958
Category: Single/Multiplayer Video trò chơi
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If you don’t have BlueStacks installed on your PC, clichồng here lớn download and install the emulator.Once you have installed the emulator, launch the program. Now double-cliông xã on the downloaded APK file to lớn start the installation process.When the installation completes, clichồng on the triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 inhỏ to lớn launch the application.

Bạn đang xem: Tải euro truck simulator 2

Now, you can create your driver protệp tin và start your simulated truông xã driving experience through European cities. Have sầu fun!

How khổng lồ Uninstall Euro Truck Simulator 2

After you’re finished with triệu Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can completely remove sầu it from your computer in a few easy steps. If you’re still looking for a simulated truông chồng driving game that offers a different experience, be sure to lớn check out the không tính phí alternatives below.

Rethành viên that we used an APK file lớn install triệu Euro Truchồng Simulator 2. So you won’t be able to uninstall it directly from your programs folder. Rather, you will have sầu khổng lồ uninstall it from the apk emulator. Follow the steps below, & I’ll show you how to lớn uninstall the tiện ích from your PC:

Cliông chồng on the Settings ibé in BlueStacks.
Go to apps, & locate the triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2. Clichồng on it & select Uninstall.
Confirm that you want to lớn delete the app, and BlueStacks will completely remove it from your PC.

triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 Overview

Welcome to lớn the ‘World of Trucks’! With many customizable trucks lớn choose from, Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 delivers a truly unparalleled single-player-multiplayer simulated truck driving experience. Guess what? You will be driving through real European cities, & delivering multiple cargos. While several other developers focused on racing games, triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 takes a different direction, giving you an all-fun experience, plus an opportunity khổng lồ build và run a truchồng delivery business.


The game isn’t just about driving alone; the other interesting part is that you get khổng lồ start and grow your own transportation company with many features lớn make it interesting. Again, triệu Euro Truchồng Simulator 2 encourages players khổng lồ practice safe driving. But watch it; the game is quite realistic & immersive — you may not stop once you start. The single-player challenges take you through a process of continuous truông xã nâng cấp, running your own transportation company, & customizing many aspects of your vehicle.


You also get access lớn the “World of Trucks”, a growing online community of Truck game players. Here, you will be able lớn have conversations with other players, switch lớn the multiplayer mode, cốt truyện your progress, discuss related matters, & much more. The game has a modest system requirement, so if you have sầu a Windows system, with at least 4 GB RAM, a good graphics thẻ, a Dual-core CPU 2.4 GHz processor, & 4 GB of hard disk space, you’re good.

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triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 Features

Become an experienced truông chồng driver in a simulated environment.Choose from various licensed trucks by MAN, Scania, Iveco, Renault, DAF, và others.Travel through realistic road networks connecting up to lớn 60 different European cities.Use countless customization options khổng lồ customize your truck.Learn fast và safe driving, obey traffic road rules và meet delivery deadlines.Enjoy full access khổng lồ TruckersFM (Truckers.FM) — an mạng internet radio station provided by the developer — as you drive sầu through different countries.You also have sầu access lớn several DLC base bản đồ expansion packs. SCS software has been adding expansion packs to the game since its inception.

Free Alternatives khổng lồ Euro Truông xã Simulator 2

American Truông chồng Simulator: This is similar khổng lồ triệu Euro Truchồng Simulator 2 và is also developed by the Czech company, SCS Software. However, you will be driving legendary American trucks and delivering your cargo across U.S cities. The game makes you experience the many breathtaking landscapes of the States, as you build your way from being a driver to an owner of a thriving truchồng delivery company.

Delivery Truchồng Simulator: In Delivery Truông chồng Simulator, you have the option of choosing from different roads, và you can select from a variety of trucks. This game features several levels with increasing complexity.

Rigs of Rods: While this is not a truchồng driving or car racing game, it is a free & open-source vehicle simulation game that uses interesting soft-body physics lớn simulate the destruction và deformation of vehicles. You can simulate & drive sầu your own rig.


Is triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 free?

While the ứng dụng is not exactly không tính phí, you can follow the instructions above sầu to tải về a miễn phí version of Euro Truông chồng Simulator. This gives you full access to all the game’s features.

Is Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 Secure?

Yes, triệu Euro Truck Simulator 2 is absolutely safe to download. Ensure you stay away from cracked versions of the app to avoid malware or viruses. Use the tải về instructions above sầu lớn get the tiện ích không lấy phí of viruses.

Can I play Euro Truchồng Simulator 2 Offline?

Yes. The game is mostly offline, và you can play as many hours as you want offline.