Rise of nations: extended edition

An epic game for epic times, Rise of Nations places you in the throne of one of several cultures as it progresses from the deep past inlớn the near future.

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Drawing on features once restricted khổng lồ turn based games, RoN has an epic scope. Build cities, nâng cấp your units, and wage war on your enemies in this faced paced game thats sure to satisfy any tactics fan.

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Copy both files (rngớ ngẩn.rtp & Patcher.bat) khổng lồ your game directory (IE: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesRise of Nations)

2. Run Patcher khổng lồ patch the game (feel free to lớn cthảm bại the window if it doesn"t automatically cthất bại after it"s done)

Official changelog:

Balance Changes:

Americanskhông tính phí resources for infantry units now +2 instead of +3removed không tính tiền science technology at game startreduced không tính tiền bombers at airbases from +2 lớn +1Britishno longer get a không lấy phí fishing boat when they build a dockDutchreceive sầu one không lấy phí light ship with each new Dock built instead of twocommerce retìm kiếm now 10% cheaper instead of 25% cheaperFrenchsiege is now 15% cheaper instead of 25%siege production speed lowered to 25% faster & move sầu tốc độ bonus loweredreduced bonus woodcutter slot khổng lồ +1 instead of +2reduced Cavalier hitpointsGreeksLibraries & Universities are now 66% cheaperIroquoisreduced tốc độ và LOS of their unique scout unitsreduced hitpoint bonus for their Heavy Infantry khổng lồ +5%reduced the move speed bonus for their quality infantryLakotadoubled the không tính phí resources generated by their unique Horse Archer lineMayaincreased their timber discount on buildings to lớn 25% from 20%increased building hitpoint bonus to lớn 25% from 20%Nubiansquality archers now vì less damage to other archer unitsmerchant, caravan, and market cost discount reduced lớn 10% from một nửa cheaperPersiansslightly reduced the cost of their quality Heavy InfantryRomanswealth bonus per thành phố now +10 instead of +15Despotismnow 15% cheaper units & military retìm kiếm instead of 25%The CEO Patriotnow gives +2 range bonus instead of +4 to friendly unitsKnown Issues:

Some help text does not accurately reflect the balance changes made.

Bug FixesFixed bug that caused patriot bonuses to break when switching from military khổng lồ economic government lines.Fixed crash with Red Fort when units were garrisoned inside lớn heal.Aztecs now get full +50 wealth plunder when killing units lượt thích caravans, instead of varying amounts depending on their nation bonus.Units such as Caravans now give sầu full plunder bonus when Despot is nearby.Fixed multiplayer lobby bug that caused player stats khổng lồ be displayed incorrectly.Fixed a multiplayer out of sync issue.Fixed bug that gave sầu Russian players capital plunder bonus when their own capital was sacked, as well as the attacking player. Only the attacker gets it now.Fixed issue that prevented library panel at the top of the screen from displaying help text properly.Fixed Heavy Archer research bug for Japanese.Fixed issue that would cause occasional freezes lớn technologies being researched at the library.Fixed Dutch patriot stats.AI controlled Lakota players no longer build farms & can now build outside their borders.Fixed bug that caused raze button not khổng lồ appear on all cities. (it shouldn"t appear on capital cities)