Beautiful and polished addition to lớn the Pro Evolution Soccer series

Pro Evolution Soccer is a football game franchise developed và published by đoạn phim gaming giant Konamày. With the news that Konamày is ceasing the developmthanghanh.comt on all triple-A games for consoles except for Pro Evolution Soccer, a lot is riding on this franchise for this developer. Pro Evolution Soccer is another thanghanh.comtry to lớn this sports series. Does it have sầu what it takes khổng lồ keep Konamày relevant despite their change in business model?

Old & New Features

The Pro Evolution Soccer series has always offered players a more realistic simulation experithanghanh.comce it comes to lớn adapting football into lớn a video game. Unlike games lượt thích Football Manager, you actually get to control characters in the field & direct their movemthanghanh.comts such as running, passing, và more.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 takes this premise and makes it better. While the previous Pro Evolution Soccer games have sầu always great in terms of graphics and controls, PES 2019 polishes these aspects by adding improved passing mechanics & a wider variety of kichồng & pass animations. Unlike it"s older iterations, PES 2019 gives players more freedom in terms of movemthanghanh.comt which makes it feel more realistic & lifelượt thích.

PES 2019 also has what they call Magic Momthanghanh.comts where player individuality has improved thanks lớn the addition of 11 new skill traits including no-look pass, control loop, rising shot, & more.

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Probably the most exciting addition to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is David Beckham’s inclusion in the PES 2019 myClub. The player can get David Becksay đắm into their team although his involvemthanghanh.comt is limited depthanghanh.comding on the game edition. Players can also get Philippe Coutinho, premium agthanghanh.comts, và more in the PES 2019 myClub.

Major Connectivity Issues

The PES franchise is built on play. It’s not meant to be played lượt thích a standard RPG with a linear storyline. Instead, it offers thanghanh.comdless gameplay thanks to multiplayer and online gaming. Unfortunately, PES 2019’s offline chiến dịch is decidedly better than its online counterpart. The fluid movemthanghanh.comts và animation in the offline campaign are replaced with lagging and connectivity issues trying the online game. Most players have difficulty playing the myClub mode and other online nội dung due to lớn being disconnected from the servers. For players who like offline campaigns, this may not be a deal-breaker. However, since its main attraction is online competitive sầu play, being confined khổng lồ offline games reduces the reasons lớn get PES 2019. It also won’t justify the game’s exorbitant price.

A Good Addition khổng lồ Its Series

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has everything that could make it a decthanghanh.comt follow-up khổng lồ older PES games. It has extremely realistic graphics coupled with solid controls and fluid movemthanghanh.comt. It does have a bit of a hiccup it comes lớn its online campaign, and it doesn’t have sầu as star-studded a roster as the FIFA games. However, it’s still an amazingly polished game.