Mã Lệnh Alien Shooter 1, Cheat Alien Shooter 2

For me it works, on that igg version uploaded there now, i"ve sầu finished 2 missions now, with no problems... if you have crashes, kiểm tra your system!In any case, i"m on mission 3...but, health is on FLOAT, is 100 when it"s full, so tìm kiếm 100, get hit và decrease, then get hit & decrease..& find your value, and freeze it..on me is working without errors with scripts! All the best!
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I hope whoever figures out money reassures us that it"s hard khổng lồ nail down. I"m trying to lớn find the pointer and it seems to lớn go through a helper function or something that handles *everything*.

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I hope whoever figures out money reassures us that it"s hard to lớn nail down. I"m trying lớn find the pointer and it seems khổng lồ go through a helper function or something that handles *everything*.

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i made money with bug. Just reload game many times(you must exit to lớn thực đơn then quit game and start save again) (siêu thị restocking every restarting) cheking shop while in siêu thị won"t be something with negative sầu price. buy it for không tính phí as many as wanna và sell for selling price. i made 5+ million with reselling buged resurrection kit which was selling for negative sầu - it means không tính phí buy & sell for 8k. Easy money -_-. But this bug it rare. Try khổng lồ catch và be happy.Phường.S/ sorry for my english. i am not native.
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Funny story - I legit think that bug happens because of the borked health script. I"d seen some weird stuff happen with prices but thought nothing of it at the time. I loaded the script again and the resurrection dingus went into negatives on the very next load. Which did in fact allow me lớn make a chunk of money. Slowly, but it works.So in a backhanded way this is the money script we were asking for.
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I hope whoever figures out money reassures us that it"s hard lớn nail down. I"m trying to find the pointer & it seems to go through a helper function or something that handles *everything*.
thk lớn VampTY table. we can cheat money. just use grenades (99) và sell them . 225 per G, more than 22k per sack.=>> i fough new. Change the codes in the Inf. Gre. khổng lồ get 63k Gre. after use. newmem: => newmem:mov ,63 => mov ,ffff Sell them with bottom not through them lớn shop.Need help with program "mouse and keybroad record". => i take 30 mins lớn sell them all và get 12m VampTy, thk for the table. the new table > does not work.i try to vị ur help (search hp with float), i get crash và out after i freeze hp. idk why

I did the health cheat with float, it works, but not for long, You need to lớn bởi it again after each levelYou get the Yellow grenades later in-game, sells for 1125 per Grenade. will get you 111K per 99 grenades

Since i don"t have sầu the game anymore, on the previous play i"ve played until mission 3, lathử nghiệm i was at 5, so what i"ve sầu noticed so far, using my lademo table, that worked for HPhường until mission 3, i mean that was my last play before, so on mission 3 i did another cmp, worked untill mission 5, so this game resets values after you finish the mission, if you have something locked, will crash, since it won"t recognize that value anymore, will be replenished with another one, i"ve sầu seen that the offsets changed, the value was the same, just the offsets changed, they use jumpers in game, shortcuts khổng lồ values, is shared for all.The best way is lớn make a cmp with hp at the last mission, that way will contain the last offphối for health..but, i don"t have sầu that patience lớn play untill the last mission.After finding your health, add more to lớn it, but don"t freeze it! Add like 9999, it"s enough.For others, grenades/bandages, where i"ve added there their values, meaning 63 you can modify in those scripts like this, modify them i mean when those aren"t enabled:3E7270FSo instead 63 you"ll add 3E7 that is exactly 999 in hex or add 270F that is exactly 9999Or add in those scripts, instead of:mov ,63Like this:mov ,(int)9mov ,(int)99mov ,(int)999mov ,(int)9999mov ,(int)99999You get the idea
don"t add much, don"t be greedy, take game"s limits in account!Also currency is on double, on VEH, i"ve sầu also encountered them on 8 bytes, those on 2/4 are ghost values, if you know the exact hex value you have, you can find it easily from one single search, if not, use decrease/increase. Ok, so now, don"t get me wrong, i"m willing khổng lồ help, but if i won"t lượt thích it (games lượt thích these), i don"t add much love, i don"t test them, know what i mean..what i release, as MY TABLES, i finished those, only then i can release them!I did this in order to lớn help you out, i hope it might!