The King Of Fighters Xiv Steam Edition

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About This Game

KOF XIV is the newest entry in the acclaimed THE KING OF FIGHTERS series of fighting games. Lead by veteran creator & FATAL FURY creator Yasuyuki Odomain authority, KOF XIV takes the iconic gameplay that the series is known for while implementing new 3 chiều visuals, a first for a mainline entry in the series! Featuring a robust roster of 50 characters in the base game along with 4 DLC characters, including both returning fan favorites và new characters, this entry is perfect for veterans & newcomers alike!DISCORDFor the lachạy thử in SNK news and community events, drop by our official Discord channel!


The ULTIMATE PACK includes the following bonus content:

・8 DLC characters

Blue Mary, Najd, Heidern, Oswald, Roông xã Howard, Vanessa, Ryuji Yamazaki, Whip

・10 DLC Costumes

CLASSIC KYO / NIGHTMARE GEESE / ATHENA "98 Version / SHUN"EI: Kung-Fu Suit / NAKORURU: Kamuikotan Girls" School Unisize / CLASSIC IORI / MEITENKUN: Pajamas / KULA: Sundress / SYLVIE: Little Red Riding Hood / ANGEL: Diabla

・Digital Artbook

Includes never-before-seen concept art và kiến thiết materials for all 4 DLC characters. KOF fans should not miss out on this!

・Digital Soundtrack

A special soundtrack that includes recently released tracks, for a total of 30 tracks that you can enjoy at any time.


DLC content:

・Two FREE DLC Costumes!


・58 Fighters: One of the largest character rosters ever in the KOF Series!

In addition to lớn the original roster of 50 characters, 8 DLC characters join the fight! Iconic characters as well as new challengers duke it out in KOF XIV STEAM EDITION for epic battles.

・New Chapter: A br& New Kof Saga!

The KOF Series" storyline has been continuing over the OROCHI, NESTS, và ASH sagas. KOF"s rich story has NOT finished, & returns in a brand new exciting story arc with KOF XIV STEAM EDITION.

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・3-on-3: KOF’s traditional game system is back!

Select your favorite 3 fighters from the game"s robust character roster, & fight to lớn victory via KOF"s traditional "3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE" game system.

・A Plethora Of trò chơi Modes

KOF XIV STEAM EDITION features a large variety of game modes such as STORY MODE, VS MODE, và a GALLERY MODE for the best KOF experience ever.

・PARTY BATTLE: A new fighting game experience

Duke it out with as many as six people (three players on each team) in VS Online "PARTY BATTLE"! Feel the heat of an authentic fighting game tournament experience.

・RUSH: A new feature aimed at easing beginners inlớn the battle system

The newly introduced “RUSH” feature allows even novice players khổng lồ persize combos by pressing Light Punch repeatedly.

・Climax Cancel: Ultimate Combos!

The combo system has evolved in KOF XIV, allowing players to lớn exedễ thương a CLIMAX SUPER SPECIAL MOVE from a SUPER SPECIAL MOVE in the same full bộ for astonishing damage.+