Developer: New World ComputingRelease date: 2000Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Turn-based strategyVersion: 1.4.1

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Heroes of Might và Magic III: The Shadow of Death is the second of two expansion packs for the turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might & Magic III. It was developed by New World Computing for Microsoft Windows & released by the 3DO Company in 2000. Shadow of Death is a standalone expansion paông xã that includes the original game.

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The Shadow of Death includes seven new campaigns with adjustable difficulty settings. The expansion also includes twelve sầu new artifacts, minor balance tweaks & eight new terrain types designed lớn enhance anh hùng attributes such as morale, luông xã và magic expertise. Each faction remains fundamentally unaltered. Additionally, the expansion introduces a fifth artifact equipment slot for all heroes, & ten new types of teleporters for use on the Adventure Map. A major addition is the inclusion of "combination artifacts", that is, artifacts pieced together from other artifacts. The combination artifacts bestow extremely powerful abilities, and feature prominently in the campaigns. The expansion pack also significantly improves the map editor, including new portraits for four of the new campaign heroes - Sandro, Finneas Vilmar, Yog và Gem - và other customization options.

Content from Armageddon"s Blade

The Shadow of Death can be installed alongside the first Heroes of Might & Magic III expansion paông xã, Armageddon"s Blade. New features included in the Armageddon"s Blade expansion (such as the Conflux town) are present in The Shadow of Death, but are designed lớn remain hidden and inaccessible unless certain files installed by Armageddon"s Blade are detected in the game"s directory. The game, however, checks only for the presence of these files: it does not verify the file contents. Because of this, several gamers discovered that it was possible khổng lồ create empty files with the correct tệp tin names lớn unloông xã the Armageddon"s Blade enhancements in The Shadow of Death without having to lớn install the earlier expansion pack.


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The Shadow of Death campaigns serve sầu as a prequel to lớn both Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven & Heroes III: The Restoration of Erathia. The storyline revolves around Sandro the Necromancer, who has recently arrived on the continent of Antagarich following the events of Heroes of Might and Magic II. Sandro begins a ten-year plot to lớn reassemble two ancient & powerful necthắm thiết artifacts. He uses illusionary magic to take the size of a living human, which he uses to lớn disguise himself.

Sandro first convinces the sorceress Gem & barbarian Crag Haông chồng lớn find the pieces of the two artifacts for hyên ổn, promising rewards in return. Unaware of Sandro"s true nature, they agree to aid hlặng in wresting the pieces away from other necromancers. However, once secured by the unwitting heroes, the pieces are spirited away by Sandro without fulfilling his end of the bargain. He reassembles the pieces inlớn two whole artifacts, the Cloak of the Undead King and the Armor of the Damned.

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With the Cloak & the Armor in his possession, Sandro battles the vengeful armies of his former warloông xã master, Ethric, & passes onward into the undead lands of Deyja. There, he vaults a puppet king, Finneas Vilmar, to lớn the throne, attaining full political control of the undead lands. From there, he begins his plan khổng lồ conquer the rest of the continent.

Some time later, amidst the war against the undead, the heroes Gem, Gelu, Yog and Crag Haông chồng b& together khổng lồ combat the threat. They arrange to meet at the plains of Bragden, but are ambushed by Sandro himself & forced to lớn flee. As they regroup, Yog recalls a task he performed earlier of dispensing the components of the Angelic Alliance, a mighty sword. The team of heroes decide to seek out the pieces of the sword và reassemble it. Succeeding, they push onward into lớn Deyja, eventually cornering Sandro & defeating hlặng. Afterwards, Gelu is chosen to become the Forest Guard"s next captain, as referenced in Heroes of Might & Magic III: Armageddon"s Blade. The heroes once again disperse the pieces of the neclãng mạn artifacts as they part ways.

A final bonus chiến dịch features Sandro after his defeat. The necromancer plots a second invasion, this time aimed squarely at Erathia. With the help of Lord Haart, he has King Nicolas Gryphonheart poisoned, và forms an alliance between Deyja, the Kreegans & Nighon against the human lands. However, he is tricked & imprisoned by his own puppet king, Finneas Vilmar, who then leads the invasion of Erathia which takes place during Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia.


The Shadow of Death was received fairly warmly by critics, with mostly positive đánh giá. It was praised for its bản đồ editor improvements & the fact that it did not require the base game khổng lồ be installed, but it was criticised for its lachồng of new content outside of the single-player game.