Left 4 Dead 3 System Requirements

Is a Left 4 Dead 3 release date coming? Here’s all the lakiểm tra news & rumours about L4D3 – plus our wishmenu for the new Valve sầu game.

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Left 4 Dead 2 came around so quickly it felt like whiplash. Remember the 25,000 signature petition to lớn boycott what was perceived to be a rushed sequel? Perhaps Valve sầu took it too much to lớn heart. It’s beenover adecade since four unlikely heroes cut a route through Savannah và New Orleans to lớn survive. We’ve sầu waited long enough, & we want Left 4 Dead 3 faster than a scampering Hunter.

We’ve been patiently waiting for Left 4 Dead 3 for some years now, but we know that Valve often struggle khổng lồ bring out third instalments to lớn their flagship series – we still haven’t given up on a Half-Life 3 release date, though. However, we are always on the lookout for new Left 4 Dead 3 gameplay & trailers, so we have sầu collected all our ideas for L4D3 here for your reading pleasure.Here’s everything we know aboutLeft 4 Dead 3:

Left 4 Dead 3 release date

When is the Left 4 Dead 3 release date? Unfortunately we have sầu as much of a clue as we would if we had to survive in an actual zombie apocalypse. In other words, we have sầu no idea. If we hear anything we’ll let you know right here.


Left 4 Dead 3 news

There’s been very little Left 4 Dead 3 news to lớn keep us going in the long years since the previous zombie co-op smasher.

The most recent news for Left 4 Dead 3 is actually official confirmation of what happened to the game, and doesn’t offer much hope for the series future.Geoff Keighley’s The Final Hours of Half-Life Alyx documentary gives us some rare insight inkhổng lồ Valve sầu & tells the story of what happened to some of the most anticipated games of the last ten years.

According lớn the documentary, Left 4 Dead 3 was inearly development in 2013 và was Valve’s second major Source 2 project.30 developers were working on Left 4 Dead 3 at this point, and the game was aiming to lớn put hundreds of zombies on-screen across a Morocco-based campaign.Valve sầu ahs not shared any specific detail on how this would look, but Left 4 Dead was also going khổng lồ feature some form of open world.

Exactly what the constraints were is still unknown, but Source 2 wasn’t able to lớn support this vision, và as a result Left 4 Dead 3 was left at some point in năm trước khổng lồ gather dust.

Of course this doesn’t mean the project doesn’t exist và isn’t being worked on at the time of writing, but given one incarnation of it has beenshelvedas recently as năm trước, we’re probably a long, long way off seeing the series reanimated.

We did get a Left 4 Dead 3 teaseall the way baông chồng in năm nhâm thìn, whether it was intentional or not. A reference lớn a new Left 4 Dead game appeared in a computer tệp tin in a tutorial for the Destinations Workshop tools called “left4dead3”. The leak was removed quickly once people started lớn notice, which only got us even more excited.

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Very little L4 chiều news would surface after this episode, however. What we did get was a Left 4 Dead 3 ARG hoax in early 2018, after fans of the Left 4 Dead 2 Facebook page spotted an image of a dead hand that resembled the one from the original L4D trailer. What’s more, it only had three fingers on it, which appeared to be a classic tease for a new Left 4 Dead game. Again, it was quickly removed by the powers that be, but we haven’t heard anything else about a new Valve sầu game since.

Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Roông xã revealed it was working on a new IP.. called Baông xã 4 Blood. Yes, that title does look like an ever-so-cheeky nod to Left 4 Dead. That said, Turtle Roông chồng Studtiện ích ios insist that while their upcoming game is a co-op zombie shooter, it’s also its own game with chất lượng mechanics. The signs of lineage are undeniable, however.

While this does make it likely that Left 4 Dead 3 may be even further away, it doesn’t rule it out entirely. We may have sầu khổng lồ wait a while longer. Besides, Back 4 Blood may be a solid spiritual successor khổng lồ tide us over in the meantime.

Fortunately, if you’re a Left 4 Dead 2 player, which you ought to lớn be if you’re reading this, the game is still being updated. The Last St& update was the first official DLC lớn launch for Left 4 Dead 2 in over eight years, but it’s been made mostly by the L4D community, which doesn’t offer much hope for full-scale development on a sequel. Still, there’s some love sầu there, & that’ll have sầu khổng lồ bởi vì.

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Left 4 Dead 3 gameplay

The thing every Valve sầu shooter has in common is a tremendous sense of forward momentum. While in Half-Life it’s brought about by an ineffable combination of màn chơi kiến thiết, music, và narrative urgency, in Left 4 Dead it’s more tangible – the presence of an AI director, either sweeping you up in the tide of the dead, or planting lone zombies along the path lớn act as breadcrumbs, guiding you ever onwards.

Clearly, we should expect Valve sầu khổng lồ keep that. But the other pieces of the puzzle that really define pacing and play in Left 4 Dead are the special infected – và they’re subject khổng lồ fundamental change.

Each of the original special infected had a gameplay function: the Boomer’s trichồng was lớn bring down the horde on incautious teams, the Tank’s khổng lồ pull them together against a mini-trùm, the Hunter’s lớn reward twitch accuracy, and so on. But in Left 4 Dead 2, the monsters started to double up: where’s the necessity for the jockey, for instance, when the smoker already works perfectly well to lớn isolate survivors from the main group?

L4D3 will likely add special infected who change up the paradigm & tempt survivors out of practiced playstyles, just as that first set did.

From the Geoff Keighley documentary, it’s clear Valve wanted lớn lean into lớn the open-world games trover before they shelved L4D3 in 2014. However, with so many games like Left 4 Dead cropping us since then, it’s hard khổng lồ see Valve sầu abandoning what’s clearly a popular gameplay loop if it does ever revive this series.


Left 4 Dead 3 characters

Perhaps just as important as who Left 4 Dead 3’s characters are is the way they’re introduced to us.

You can piece together that Coach is a 44-year-old former PE teacher whose early hopes in American football were cut short by a knee injury at college – but that’s not handed lớn you in heavy-handed exposition or extensive sầu branching dialogue. Instead, it bleeds from the game’s avatars dynamically, in lines of VO that appear in some playthroughs và not others. Over the course of many campaigns, you build up a fond picture of the people you’re playing as.

We expect Valve lớn continue that trkết thúc towards background storytelling the new sequel. Good news on that front: Doug Church, one of the most experienced environmental storytellers in the industry with a background at Looking Glass on the Thief games, was linked to Left 4 Dead 3 in an apparent Valve database leak a few years baông chồng.

Left 4 Dead 3 wishlist

Free khổng lồ play

Left 4 Dead 3 could come in two different business models. The first is simply copying the business Model from the first two games: a one off payment and only free DLC. The second is F2Phường. with microtransactions for cosmetics và possibly other characters. We think that, if we get a new Left 4 Dead game, it’s going lớn be miễn phí lớn play.


Crafting games are common nowadays but, DIY weapons are crucial amid a zombie apocalypse. The problem, in a game lượt thích Left 4 Dead, is that it’s blessed with this brilliant forward momentum, và scouring areas for crafting supplies & then trying to lớn fit them altogether on some sort of workbench might not fit. It would be also be a pain for the rest of your team, as they wait for you khổng lồ get yourself together. Whatever can be crafted, nothing should be too powerful: Left 4 Dead 3 should be about desperation, not empowerment (at least when you’re playing as one of the living).



Games like Amnesia, SOMA, Outlast, & Alien Isolation show that sneaking và hiding can be just as compelling as slaying monsters, and often significantly more intense. It is vulnerability not gore, violence and cheap scares that make for the best horror experiences.

Left 4 Dead already has the basis for this with its noise system, where zombies are attracted khổng lồ gunshots và oto alarms, but a fully-fledged stealth system would be even more welcome. The goal of the survivors is not (always) to kill zombies, but rather khổng lồ make it khổng lồ the next safe room & simply keep on living – avoiding confrontation is thematically appropriate.

Alternate routes, crawling through vents, throwing enemies off the scent by creating distractions – adding these options inlớn the series’ mechanical toolbelt would also offer new experiences every time you join a new group of survivors. The trichồng, of course, would be lớn bởi this in such a way that it doesn’t kill Left 4 Dead’s great pacing.

Multiple teams

Co-op games can really benefit from player conflict, where friends can become rivals or even enemies. This has made for some of the most tense và emergent encounters in the likes of DayZ and The Division. Unfortunately, it only take one bad egg lớn ruin everyone’s fun, so adding such a dynamic khổng lồ a team of survivors in Left 4 Dead might only be asking for trouble.

But what if there was a mode with more than one team of survivors? Some of the greatest moments of zombie fiction & gaming happen when two groups – exhausted, paranoid, trigger happy – collide. Do they work together & giới thiệu supplies? Do they team up, becoming one big group, making it potentially easier to kill the rotting corpses that hunger for them? Or vày they simply duke it out, attempting to lớn steal the weapons and ammunition the others have gathered?

The potential for the unexpected is huge. Alliances born out of desperation, betrayals occurring at the worst possible moments, debates & arguments tearing groups apart as they decide what khổng lồ bởi with these new survivors. What’s not to lớn love?