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Release: năm trước Developer: EA CanadaOS: 7, 8, 10Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2400+Graphics: 1 Gb video memory supporting DirectX: 11Memory: 3 GbVersion: v

Now fans of football simulators will have sầu even more difficult time, because in FIFA 15: Ultimate Team Edition recreated a realistic simulation of the ball and the physics of its behavior on the field.

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Now it is not enough khổng lồ take possession of the ball - be prepared for the fact that it can slip out of the goalkeeper"s hands on wet grass, as befits a rubber ball, bounce off the goal or fly out of bounds from an unnecessarily svào kiông chồng.

The player is presented with a top view and the ability khổng lồ switch between players, controlling their tactics in real time. The publication will delight the user not only with the ultimate realism, the nội dung of the original sequel và additional sets of customization of players, but also the opportunity khổng lồ finally hire legendary athletes lớn your team! Did your team miss Messi? Now this can be fixed! A system of realistic lighting & shadows has been introduced: during the game, the sun changes its position, weather conditions can change dramatically, & with them the characteristics of the coverage, which can affect the course of the match. And your team is ready to lớn fight in any weather?

In online mode, the user can participate in friendly matches and competitions for a place in the leaderboard. By inviting friends, you can tóm tắt your team with them and face off against a copy of your players, competing for the best tactics on a level playing field. On the screen you will see a detailed analysis of the strategy, as well as the matches are expressively assessed by the commentator, which adds realism to the events taking place on the field.

FIFA 15 an excellent successor lớn virtual football. The game has been worked out almost lớn the smallest detail. Submission of the ball, preparation for a penalty kiông xã and substitutions, absolutely all the details are thought out. Added conveniences lượt thích replacing players right on the soccer field schedule. It became more convenient to lớn replace players.

Forty-seven national teams can be seen in the game.

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Twenty stadiums in the English Premier League. Team meetings have sầu become very colorful and entertaining thanks to lớn the improved graphics. I was also pleased with the animation, character disputes due to violation of the rules. The deafening rumble of the stands during the scoring of a goal. All this can now be observed in the game, almost lượt thích in a real match. And at the end of the championship, you can see a selection of the best episodes of your competition.

Players can rent characters, this is a good moment, because you can create your own team. Only now you won"t be able to lớn take the stars right away, because each player needs his own cấp độ. What may upphối fans of the game is the absence of the Brazilian League, unfortunately it was not licensed for it. But the game now has the Turkish Super League, not bad, yes, because it has not been since 2011.

For fans, the game becomes the best football match thanks to lớn its innovations. Players can feel like real football heroes and become virtual stars for a while.

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Size: 7.36 Gb. Version: v

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