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Amidst an ongoing battle for domination, the new Servant Charlemagne makes his debutAbove sầu the ruined earth lies the realm of SE.RA.PH, a virtual world inside a lunar supercomputer. In this last refuge for humanity, powerful Servants — sentient, digital recreations of famous figures from Earth’s lore & history — battle rogue programs (and each other) lớn establish dominance & enforce their kind of peace.But peace may never come again, now that a new threat has arrived lớn wage apocalyptic war. Standing against the destruction is the nhân vật Charlemagne, a dashing young knight with a hint of sadness behind his bright smile. Join Charlemagne & his comrades — the bumbling paladin Astolfo, the flamboyant Emperor Nero, the mischievous fox spirit Tamamo no Mae, the cynical rogue Robin Hood, và many others — as they rush across the battlefield in the name of humanity.

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The Next Step in High-Speed Hack-and-Slash ActionKey Feature 1: Action gameplay refined for tốc độ & intensityChain quichồng và heavy attacks khổng lồ deliver spectacular combos. Devastate your opponents with all-new team mechanics.

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Key Feature 2: Seize victory within an ever-changing battlefieldThe conditions for winning battles will often change – so be on your toes! Take on dozens of extra missions for challenges from rescue operations to all-out assaults.Key Feature 3: Take on Masters across the worldBattle online in 4-on-4 matches against up lớn 7 other players.Featuring 10 new Servants from across the Fate universe, for a total of 26!