Far cry 3 save file location and how to add a save file

Fast traveling khổng lồ Dr. Earnhartds house & going khổng lồ the cave just found it blocked by boulders (no access).

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As I went through Far Cry 3s single player a fifth time, I gathered gamesave files for each individual mission for whoever wants khổng lồ trả lời missions without playing through the entire single player again cough cough Kiông xã The Hornets Nest.

Make sure to lớn bachồng up any gamesaves you dont want lớn đại bại before placing these in your gamesaves thư mục.

Instructions 1. Shut down Far Cry 3 if its currently running.

Visit the folder below.

C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launchersavegames some random set of characters 46 4.

Move any files in this thư mục elsewhere.

Download desired mission save sầu.

Far Cry 3 Save Game Zip At The

Unzip at the folder given in step 3.

Start Far Cry 3 & at the main thực đơn click on Story, click on Load Game, then mouse over the options given.

Select whichever option is the mission you downloaded, load it up, and play.


The Social Club - Go to lớn the cave beneath Dr.

Earnhardts house and eat a bean near the front of the boat.

There are three parts to this mission, so eat a bean after each part.

This Knifes For You 23.

Ambush 24. Warrior Rescue Service 25.

New Rite of Passage 26.

Paybaông chồng 27. Citras Favor 28.


Defusing the Situation 33.

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Deepthroat 34. All In 35.

Paint It Blaông chồng 36.

Blachồng Gold 37. Aced in the Hole 38.

Hard Choices Ive also got a gamesave sầu for the end game right here: End trò chơi.

Hope you guys can make use of this Please insize me if you run inlớn any issues.

I thought it was the same as the version purchased directly from Uplay.

Isnt it Itd be great if you could check the location given in the directions & tell me if theres any save files located there.

If not there, then could you give sầu me the location for the Steam version và the format the save files are in Edit: From what Ive been looking at, it looks lượt thích Uplay contains the save files for both their version and the Steam version.

Seeing as how the Steam version launches Uplay anyways, this doesnt surprise me at all.

All Steam does is trachồng your game time and inform friends that youre not playing a non-Steam game, despite the fact that it kindomain authority is.

Ive sầu downloaded your save sầu for that mission so as to kiểm tra it out.

I havent heard confirmation from anybody toàn thân that these actually work.

I think the main mission saves are the ones starting with the numbers 1, 2 & 3, corresponding khổng lồ your first, second và third play through of the game, and the higher number saves are just data related to lớn your current status during each mission.

For example, The Social Club saves I downloaded contained two files with file names beginning with 5, và were way too small (30K and 1K) lớn be mission saves.

They also would not work at all when installed alone, as only NEW GAME was available (no CONTINUE or LOAD GAME).

Adding baông xã in my two mission save files beginning with number 1 gave me bachồng those load options, but picking either just brought me to a spot on the map near one of the radio towers & with no game mission present.

Fast traveling lớn Dr.

Earnhartds house và going khổng lồ the cave just found it blocked by boulders (no access).