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Oh boy if it isn"t a great JRPG Yes i would recommkết thúc to lớn anyone who is interested in JRPG and good content story then this game is for you, the only bad thing about this game is that sometimes u can get constant drop on fps and weird graphics when playing on dungeons. Also, take note that this game has lots of farming to lớn bởi as well especially on gold,wp and exp if u wan khổng lồ max out everything...Overall would r8 it 8/10P..S. - Play it with a pc controller it has better controls than keyboard :)
Way better than the original game but my issues is that if you listen/follow to the tutorial instructions, the game becomes too easy. I only hit cấp độ 10 recently and all of the mobs are too easy. Mobs either miss me và bosses only hit me for 100 damage max. Might have sầu grinded too much but I only bởi each encounter per dungeon once, so all of my "levels" come from doing WPhường skill point increases. I also don"t have sầu any of the DLC so I am using the standard gear. If you are alright at being super massively overpowered at the start, then this is the JRPG for you.

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if ur not playing the first one (original fairy fencer f) , then skip that game & just go for this one. there is many aspect that really similar lớn original one (the whole first half actually). maybe anyone who have sầu the original fairy fencer f could say this is DLC for additional route (lượt thích me) và dissapointed. if u ask is this worth the price? well if ur not play this series yet, then yes if you ignore the original fairy fencer f và go for this one instead.
This game is the remastered version of the original: Fairy Fencer F.Some things i wanna point out here:1. I would recommend that, you should not activate the DLCs on your first playthough (if you already own it)These are paid DLCs & extremely overpowered, & will definitely ruin your game experience. At least complete one playthrough on Normal/Hard và you can use DLCs lớn grind quickly2. I would suggest you khổng lồ read those Dialogue in between battles, that will give sầu you the feeling of a visual novel và can sometimes give sầu a quichồng comedy relief3. This is a JRPG title. So, don"t get overwhelmed by the fact that, boss khủng sometimes one shots you (specially on higher difficulty level). You need stats và other stuffs lớn progress smoothly lượt thích any other JRPGs. 4. Don"t expect too much from this title. Its not on the top. However, its decent bang for the buông chồng (Decent because i think its a lil" pricey). Try to buy the game on sales. $49.99 is a bit too much.Hope, this Đánh Giá will help all in future before purchasing.