Warriors Orochi 3 Download

The third game in the Warriors Orochi series featuring 120 playable characters from a multitude of Tecmo Koei franchises.

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The defeat of the Hydra is the game"s primary goal.

The story begins several years after Orochi"s death, when the warriors involved in the conflict live sầu in relative peace. However, Orochi"s raw power creates the size of the giant, eight-headed Hydra. The apparently unbeatable quái dị brings chaos lớn the world once again, and in the chaos, the many warriors are either killed or scattered into lớn parts unknown. When all hope seems lost, Kaguya is able khổng lồ use her time reversing powers to lớn rescue three warriors that survived a last-ditch battle with the monster; Sima Zhao, Ma Chao, and Hanbei Takenaka. Given a second chance, these warriors must travel into the past & recruit others in order khổng lồ alter the future và improve the odds. However, they are limited in that they can only travel baông chồng lớn times và places in the past that someone in the group actually experienced, and are further limited in that they can only travel as far baông xã as the Hydra"s first appearance due to the interference it causes in the timeline.

Unlike previous Warriors Orobỏ ra games, the story mode is not broken up by faction; instead, there is a single path that features a linear progression. New stages are unlocked as the player progresses through the chapters, though there are some side stages that can only be accessed after certain character bonds are raised lớn a high enough cấp độ. Alternate "Redux" versions of existing stages can also be unlocked by participating in chronologically preceding battles where success alters the flow of time.

Additionally, the story features multiple endings based on factors such as the number of characters that have sầu been unlocked over the course of play. To view the best ending, the player must unlochồng every character in the game save for those unlocked by beating it.

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Warriors Orobỏ ra 3 plays similarly khổng lồ previous entries in the Orobỏ ra series, with the player taking control of teams of characters that can be swapped between on the fly. As in previous entries, each character is categorized as a specific class. The Power nguồn, Speed, & Technique classes all return from the previous games, with the addition of a fourth class called "Wonder." Wonder characters are capable of powerful counter attacks that can be followed with critical strikes.

New Actions

Warriors Orođưa ra 3 features a number of mechanics new to the series.

Dash Chain: Allows for smooth transition from dash attachồng to normal/charge attaông xã.Break Guard: A counter attaông chồng to lớn knock an enemy back.True Triple Attack: When a special gauge is filled, The player can invoke this attaông chồng lớn summon all three player characters in the player"s team onkhổng lồ the battlefield at once. During a True Triple Attaông xã, the player may continue to lớn switch between characters on the fly. All enemies defeated with a TTA are guaranteed lớn drop items.Switch Combo: Combo attacks can be chained as the player switches from one character khổng lồ another, but doing so consumes Musou gauge energy.Support Attack: A feature from Warriors Orođưa ra 2, in Warriors Orochi 3, the chances of a support attachồng are tied to lớn the bond levels between characters.

Duel Mode

Duel Mode, first introduced in Warriors Orođưa ra 3 Hyper on the Wii U & which will be included in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, is a one on one battle that can be played against either the computer or a human opponent. Each player selects a team of three characters, as well as a set of four cards. Each thẻ is mapped khổng lồ one of the four directions on the D-pad. In battle, controls are identical lớn those in the main game, save for the ability khổng lồ trigger thẻ effects. Cards have a variety of effects ranging from dealing damage or restoring health/musou energy khổng lồ imbuing elemental power or temporarily locking out the opponent"s ability to lớn switch characters. The battle is decided when all three characters on one player"s team are defeated.

Musou Battlefields

Warriors Orobỏ ra 3 features a special mode called Musou Battlefields that allows players to create custom stages and tóm tắt them online. The player may select any previously cleared stage to edit. Customizable elements are unlocked as the player progresses through the story mode. These options include:

Officers encountered during the battle.Officer dialogue. Any line that the player has heard during the course of play can be inserted.The soldier types for all armies.The background music.Sound effect libraries from past Dynasty và Samurai Warriors games.Enemy and ally army & officer morale và aggression.The stage time limit.