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a game by Microsoft
Platform: PC
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Welcome lớn Ancient Greece. A time of legends - when you couldn’t move sầu for would-be heroes traipsing off khổng lồ gain riches & glory by slaughtering some poor deformed creature who’d just happened lớn steal a few sheep. And what about the gods? Bastards the lot of them. Bored of the endless toga parties & fighting aý muốn themselves, they meddled in the affairs of men, until those mortals raised their fists to lớn the heavens và defied them - whereupon they gleefully descended upon the earth bringing with them torture methods involving endlessly shifting boulders up a hill or having some of the squashier parts of ones anatomy repeatedly plucked out by the local wildlife.

In fact the Greek gods aren’t the only ones getting the Age Of treatment, as the game also revolves around two other eras of gods and mortals, the Norse and the Egyptians. And what better mythical times for the setting of Age Of Mythology, the lakiểm tra title from Microsoft’s world famous, award-winning RTS series and its first 3D strategy outing?


I have sầu to lớn admit in Age Of Empires II: The Age of Kings, I only took a passing interest in the single-player chiến dịch. It was solid but standard fare, & multiplayer proved to be much more of an interesting training ground. But in AoM things are very different. For a start there"s much more of an absorbing storyline to the massive sầu 36-mission chiến dịch (divided up inlớn the three eras), akin lớn the quality storyline in Warcraft III. This was frankly the last thing I expected khổng lồ see in a Microsoft RTS. chơi Game they vày well, but a unique storyline always seemed something that was previously left on the cutting room floor.

In fairness, they have far better story-based material lớn work with this time around, considering that Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology is full of rich & enthralling tales. In Microsoft’s interpretation, the single-player campaign starts with the Greeks being called upon lớn face down a number of threats lớn their lands. Initially the danger comes from local pirates, but later you get khổng lồ participate in the Trojan Wars and kết thúc up in pursuit of a mysterious maniacal Cyclops.

After the main Greek heroes pursue the Cyclops into Hades & subsequently get stranded, they traverse the underworld and over up emerging in Egypt, và this seamlessly leads on lớn the second part of the chiến dịch, & subsequently onto the last Norse section. While there isn’t exactly character "development’ going on, there are key players throughout the story whose adventures you follow, and there are times when you could almost fool yourself into thinking you were playing an RPG.

Old And New

Much of the underlying gameplay of AoM will be familiar lớn fans of the series, as a lot of the basic structure is taken from the previous two games. Food is still gathered from berry bushes, farms, wild animals và fish. Wood is chopped from surrounding forests, gold is dug up from mines và stone is no longer part of the economic equation. The main economic buildings are still town centres, archery, stables, barracks & blacksmiths - the usual stuff.

But Ensemble Studquả táo has made a conscious effort lớn make AoM"s gameplay much more distinguishable from previous titles (they’ve sầu even included a maps editor) và for the most part it achieves it in a way that Warcraft III didn’t fully pull off. There may only be three main sides, but much more effort has been put into making those sides as diverse as possible, both through giving the civilisations their own quality nhân vật units, và by making the way each side plays và evolves, different.

The Greeks are the easiest to get khổng lồ grips with, because they play more lượt thích the original sides in Age of Kings, & require a balance of all resources lớn produce buildings and units, and adopt a similar style of gathering & upgrading. The Egyptians take a bit more time khổng lồ learn, as they don’t need wood for their basic structures, so things lượt thích houses, markets and drop sites are free. However they are slower khổng lồ construct buildings than the other sides, although faster at creating units.

The Norse are probably the most unique side of the three. Their gatherers vị just that - gather food. Dwarves can vị the same as gatherers, only slower, but they’re very fast at collecting gold. Building structures is left khổng lồ the military units, which means the Norse will make an awesome rushing side.

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Ye Gods!

Rather than opting for multiple civilisations with predetermined strengths và weaknesses, the way a side develops is now reliant on your personal choices khổng lồ a certain extent.

This is mainly achieved by the introduction of gods & worship. The three main civilisations are divided inkhổng lồ three sub-groups, rather like factions. For example, when you play as the Norse you get a choice of your major god of worship, Odin, Thor or Loki. While the Norse as a whole share basic units và buildings, each god comes with their own benefits and powers. So this in effect means there are nine possible civilisations in the game, although they’re not as easily defined as those in Age Of Kings. But it doesn’t stop there. As you advance through the ages you get a choice of several minor gods khổng lồ worship, which each bring their own advantages. The Norse have sầu nine minor gods in all and with two being unlocked at a time as you advance through each age, although which two you get to choose from will depend on which major god you start with.

It sounds complicated và it is at first, because it"s much more of an innovative way of developing your civilisation than before. One of the problems with Age Of Kings, particularly in multiplayer, was that the seasoned player would see what civilisation their opponent was playing & automatically know what units and strengths they had to lớn defend against. In AoM you’re never entirely sure just what you"re going to lớn face, which makes multiplayer that much more interesting, & we"ll be testing that out fully next month in our online Đánh Giá.

Ensemble Studgame ios has obviously had a lot of fun developing the godly powers of each deity. The gods you use as your major and minor objects of worship will determine the quality mythical units your side can create, bestow innate benefits to lớn your side such as faster building or cheaper units, & also give you powerful spells that can be activated once in a game. These powers can do widespread damage lớn units & buildings such as the Meteor Storm power, help benefit your units in battle by channelling them with health or armour, as well as aiding things lượt thích speedier farming or faster mining.

A New Age

What AoM does have sầu by the bucketload is an unparalleled sense of atmosphere for an RTS game. This is not so much down to lớn the graphics, which while still head và shoulders above Empire Earth, pale in comparison to Warrior Kings and only really come inlớn their own when there’s loads happening on screen. In the wilderness around your camp, deer, bear and rhinos roam; above sầu birds và bats circle the air, while sharks prowl the surrounding waters và seaweed waves in the shallows.And the detail isn’t just confined to the landscape. Your troops look their best when in the midst of a good battle, và the new 3D engine that Microsoft is so proud of really starting to pay off. Egyptian Sphinxes rear up onlớn their hind legs, savagely mauling any unfortunate units that come near them with their front claws, Minotaurs và Cyclops toss their enemies through the air, breaking the trees all around them - it’s an impressive sầu sight.

Age Of Mythology contains everything you would expect from an award-winning thiết kế team with such an impressive pedigree. I went in expecting good all-round & accessible gameplay, and I got that. But what I didn’t expect, was to be surprised by so many features, & as many a jaded reviewer will tell you, surprise is an all too rare unique to find. The storyline is great, the gaming longevity is endless & there’s an impressive sầu cấp độ of detail throughout, from the environments, lớn the movements of the individual units.

While the visuals in Age Of Mythology might not be up to today’s standard, with games like Warrior Kings và Medieval shining brightly, the gameplay & especially the depth of detail is every bit as entertaining & challenging. Ensemble might not be the kings of RTS anymore, but the genre they helped to pioneer is all the better for Mythology và hopefully you’ll be able khổng lồ see past the screenshots to the beauty within.

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gọi On The Gods To Bless You With Storybook Creatures To Fight By Your Side

Mythical units provide some of the game’s strongest & most entertaining features. You gain the ability khổng lồ build them by accumulating favour points through worshipping the gods. Each side has a different way of doing this; Greeks skết thúc their villagers to worship in a temple, Egyptians build monuments lớn the gods & the Norse gain favour by engaging in hunting & battle. Myth units are very strong and can only really be effectively faced down by heroes. The type of mythical units you create depend on the god you choose lớn worship, but some of the more interesting include Hydras, which grow more heads the longer they fight and Medusas which turn other units to lớn stone. Combine this with mythical units lượt thích the Colossus, Cyclops, giant lions và Minotaurs & battlefields start khổng lồ look like an explosion in a Ray Harryhausen workshop.