hotline of Duty Season 6 is the final batch of nội dung planned before the launch of Vanguard, and it seems Activision is going out with a bang. The upcoming season will feature nội dung for Black Ops Cold War & Warzone with plenty of things khổng lồ bởi vì across each game (& some overlap between them). There will even be a spooky Halloween sự kiện & balancing changes, along with new weapons & points of interest. So there’s plenty to lớn be excited about. But when does Season 6 begin? How large is the tải về size? Here, we’ll detail everything you’ll need khổng lồ know lớn start playing hotline of Duty Season 6.

When is the hotline of Duty Season 6 start time?

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Mason is a returning character during Season 6.Activision

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Since hotline of Duty Season 6 is split across two games, the rollout might be confusing. Season 6 will go live sầu in Black Ops Cold War on October 6 at 12 a.m. midnight Eastern while the Warzone update will commence on October 7 at midnight Eastern.

What is the Gọi of Duty Season 6 tải về size?

When it comes lớn the tải về kích thước for gọi of Duty Season 6, we only have information about Black Ops Cold War. On PlayStation 4, the update will clock in at around 25 GB, on PlayStation 5 it’ll be 28 GB, on Xbox One it’s 12 GB, Xbox Series X|S it’s 22 GB, & PC will be around 15 GB. Sadly, it doesn’t look lượt thích you’re able khổng lồ pre-load the update on Warzone, và it’s unclear how large the update will be. Based on previous seasons, you should expect to lớn reserve sầu around 20 GB of space depending on the platform.

What are the call of Duty Season 6 updates?


The hotline of Duty Season 6 roadmap details plans for upcoming nội dung. Activision

There’s plenty in store for gọi of Duty Season 6. Cold War gains access to lớn two more 6v6 maps, one additional 2v2 (or 3v3) maps, a new Zombies experience called Forsaken, and new support weapons.

The Warzone side of things has a lot to lớn unpaông chồng, such as changes khổng lồ Stadium và Downtown in Verdansk, new WWII bunkers around the maps, and it will revert bachồng khổng lồ the original prison Gulag.

On top of that, we can expect new weapons including the .410 Ironhide shotgun, the Grav assault rifle, và the battle axe, along with the Lapage authority SMG và the hammer và sickle later on in the season. These weapons will also be available in Cold War.

Then, starting on October 19, The Haunting seasonal Halloween sự kiện will begin, giving us access to lớn new challenges, Operators, và likely a limited-time mode. From what we’ve sầu seen, it seems lượt thích Scream’s Ghostface và Donnie Darko’s Frank will appear as Operators. You can expect weapon tuning và balancing changes khổng lồ be implemented as well.

Beyond that, it’s not entirely clear what maps changes the launch of Season 6 might bring. Since this will be the final season before the new Pacific bản đồ launches with Vanguard, Activision will likely make some wild maps alterations.

Worst case scenario, players might not like these changes, but at least it would only last for one season. With the destruction of Downtown and Stadium, it’s clear Verdansk is going out with a bang. This will also likely be the last time we get to visit the prison Gulag, which is one of the most beloved stages Warzone has received.

điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Season 6 launches on October 6 and 7 in Cold War & Warzone, respectively.