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●Fight the titans!●Build your city!●Level 100: Unloông xã Multiplayer and Hard modes!●Multiplayer: •Become the best titan-slayer•Unloông chồng new Arenas and earn rewards!•Can you reach Legkết thúc Arena?●Other Features:•Capture titans & study them in the Titan Lab•Earn diamonds when you're offline with the kim cương mine!•Build houses for your citizens, which will reproduce when you're offline! More coming soon!

●NEW DESIGN●•New characters•New environments & buildings•New titans•Bug fixes•More coming soon! •Share the game to lớn support updates!•Thank you for playing!

We need titan shifting

Tirã shifting will be good & it will be very cool if you can turn into different titans once you kill a tirã you will get a serum & if it is just lượt thích a boost it will still be very cool và you can collect skins like eren armin Mikasa levi và any of those skins it will be very cool but if tirã shifting comes out it will be the best update forever always và it will be cool if you spawn on top of the wall also add different foods lượt thích boosts that make you stronger you can get them by buying them with diamonds & also add different maps because it pretty boring swinging around in the same map also add explosions when you transsize it would make a big explosion that can kill titans every diffrent tichảy has weak và powerful punches the higher it gets the punch/kicks get higher and when you get every titung serum you can become the founding tirã which will be very cool once you kill every tichảy make a cut scene any choice honestly it would make the game 10 times fun & I only play this game when I have no mạng internet but if you make this an update I would play all day

Great game

I think personally that this game is amazing, although there are a few thing I’d lượt thích changed/added. First is a titung transformation. I think this would be very fun to lớn use, but of course it would be hard to lớn develop. Second, a loông xã on mode where if you double cliông chồng or something on a tirã, you’ll lochồng onkhổng lồ it. I think this would help especially for the large ones because you have khổng lồ accurately clichồng by it’s neông chồng, and turn on a building usually. Lastly, I think that the multiplayer & shop is a good idea that I can’t wait for you to lớn put in. I think that something else would go well with the update. I think once this game has developed inkhổng lồ a bigger game, you guys should add multiplayer servers that takes place and break down the first wall, and then it’s the players jobs to lớn protect the people và other walls from the attacks, another thing I’d love sầu to see is a more open world aspect. (This might be too much khổng lồ ask) and that you can go on missions like the real scouts bởi vì.

Developer Response ,

We are working on next updates! Some of them may include open world, missions, & titan transformation ;)

Please respond to this

I think you guys should put the game in maintenance so everyone can work on upgrading the game to have sầu better graphic detail, character development and especially titung shifting, there can be a boss màn chơi every 10 levels và if you beat the final trùm on cấp độ 10 that meet your standards you earn a titung shift serum, và if you vày win you get an nâng cấp in your stats lượt thích agility, attack, defense, and durability, & if you could add characters lượt thích Zeke, Levi, eren, armin, mikados also there can be different styles of characters lượt thích eren in season 1 and the eren in season 4 styles, anyways if y’all could phối this game for maintenance or make an update that for some reason I don’t already have sầu that would be awesome. And you would get a massive sầu boost in players that would tăng cấp your company the more money you spover putting detail a game the more players will be attracted lớn it & the more money you will earn!.

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