This guide shows you the Top 5 Sites lớn Download SNES Roms & how to lớn install Emulators on which you will play your Super Nintenbởi games (or even N64!). Also see our guide on How to lớn Play Mario Kart 64 on FireStick. SNES games can be played on just about any device for free, so get your Android, PC, iPhone, or other device ready for some retro console gaming action. Game on:

Top 5 Sites for SNES ROMs:


Gamepads for SNES Roms

Most SNES Emulators, such as SNES9x, have sầu a built-in on-screen virtual controller for touch-screen devices (Android, iOS). But virtual controllers suck! You’ll be much happier with a real-life SNES controller you can get off of Amazon for $10 to $30, based on whether you want a USB SNES controller or a Bluetooth SNES controller. If you’re using SNES Emulators on the Amazon Fire Stichồng, the USB controller is not an options (since the Fire Stiông xã lacks USB ports).




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So if you have a FireStiông xã, get a SNES Công nghệ Bluetooth controller for your retro gaming controller needs. If playing old games is something that you’re going to vì more than just a few times, we strongly recommover that you get a retro Công nghệ Bluetooth or USB SNES controller lớn have a “true-to-life” classic console gaming experience.

ROM File Types

ROMs are typically seen in a handful of filetypes. Here are some of the more common tệp tin types & the retro gaming console which corresponds with the file type:

.v64 is associated with Nintenvị 64 can be associated with ROMs of any system. In the case that your ROM is a zip file, the File Name will usually tell you which system it’s for. For example, a ROM zip tệp tin name might be “

ROM File Name Format

SNES ROMs & ROMs from other systems usually have sầu a standard “file naming scheme”. It’s usually something like this: “Name.of.Game.SYSTEM-COUNTRY.ext“, where..

Name of trò chơi is obviously the game title of the ROMSYSTEM is the short version of the console that the ROM was made for – SNES for Super Nintenvì Entertainment System và N64 for Nintenbởi vì 64.COUNTRY is usually “USA”, but can also be from Japan (code “JAP” – which is an unfortunate shortening of the word Japan)

So take a cthua look at the ROM you’re trying to load inkhổng lồ your Emulator to lớn make sure you’re actually usuing a SNES ROM with a SNES Emulator!

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Which Systems Can Play SNES Roms?

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to lớn public WiFi. Secure your data.

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Android has possibly the widest variety of SNES Emulators available. One of the biggest advantages of using an Android device for SNES emulation is the portability of Android devices (battery). This means we can install a miễn phí, lightweight, small (around 5 MB) Android SNES Emulator phầm mềm like SNES9x và have sầu a totally portable “mini-SNES” inside our Android smartphone.Windows has been the operating system of choice for millions of retro gamers for several years. Developers also tend lớn favor it when they make emulators for SNES games. So there’s a wide variety of SNES Emulators available for Windows PCs – too many lớn name, in fact. Therefore when it comes khổng lồ Windows SNES Emulators, it’s best just to lớn be aware of the top 5 or so. Then you just need to lớn know where to lớn get your SNES games, so keep a short các mục of the top 3 SNES Rom sites next to lớn your menu of the best Windows SNES Emulators và you’ll be good khổng lồ go.

Android “Micro-SNES”

Here’s a fun way lớn play SNES games on your big screen TV using your Android phone for less than $40 (including the cost of the Android phone).If you want lớn get creative sầu with an Android SNES Emulator, get a công nghệ Bluetooth không dây SNES controller & an old Android điện thoại thông minh that has an HDMI output port. If you plug an HDXiaoMi MI cable from your Android phone lớn your TV, your phone will output whatever’s on the screen onkhổng lồ your TV. Voila!

SNES Emulators being played on a widescreen HDTV with nothing more than an old Android, a USB power cable so the phone doesn’t die, an HDXiaoMi MI cable, and a công nghệ Bluetooth không dây SNES gamepad lớn play your games. Then you’ll have SNES games in your pocket wherever you go – & you’ll be able khổng lồ play using just your Android phone or on a big-screen TV.

It’s a totally portable và complete solution for retro Super Nintenvì gaming. Just make sure you carry a micro USB cable và a charging bloông xã to lớn keep your phone powered up while playing Super Mario Kart or whatever great retro games for which you’ve sầu been jonesing. Also make sure the Android phone you use specifically has an HDXiaoMi MI output port, like on the Motorola Droid 3 ($25). Then make sure you get the right HDXiaoMi MI cable lớn go from Android lớn TV. This should run you around $5, so the whole thiết đặt should cost you between $30 lớn $40 for your ultra portable Android SNES. SNES Công nghệ Bluetooth controllers run around $35 each.

What are SNES Roms?

SNES Roms are Super Nintenvày games in digital format which can be played using an Emulator.

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator is a digital version of a đoạn Clip game console, such as a SNES system. Emulators allow you to play Roms.

On What Operating Systems Can I Play SNES Roms?

Just about every major operating system has a SNES emulator made for it. Some of the best SNES Emulators are found on Android và PC, but there are also great SNES “emu’s” (emu is short for Emulator) for Mac, Linux & even Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi SNES

Raspberry Pi is a $30 mini PC that plays SNES games and emulators amazingly well. So, many people get a RPi and use it as an inexpensive sầu SNES emulator.