Last year, Dead Island landed on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, và PC khổng lồ a mixed reaction. There were certainly some folks who loved it, while there were others who didn't. Others still were accepting of its svào points (which there were many of), but didn't ignore its flaws (which it also had a few of). Now, Deep Silver and Techlvà have released Dead Island: trò chơi of the Year Edition, and while its game of the year status may be questionable, ultimately, this version of the game, which features the main chiến dịch as well as post-launch DLC, is still a hell of a lot of fun and worth the $30 price tag.

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Dead Island takes place on the island of Banoi, which is suddenly struck with a zombie outbreak. You play as one of four characters who are stranded on the tropical deathtrap. Your character is immune to lớn the virut, so because of that, the other survivors on the isl& think it's best to just sover you out lớn vị their dirty work, run their errands, & scavenge for supplies. Hey, makes sense, right? I know I'd be sending out the guy who won't turn inkhổng lồ a zombie if he gets bitten. Unfortunately, the story is largely uninteresting, & the characters aren't very likable. There are a few interesting moments, but overall, you shouldn't go inlớn Dead Island expecting some gripping tale.

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The most notable inclusion in the trò chơi of the Year Edition is the Ryder White Campaign. This DLC will take you roughly three hours lớn get through & offers a different perspective on the tale of Dead Island. That said, because the story in the base game was never that enthralling to lớn begin with, it's hard to care about the plot here. Still, the Ryder White Campaign does feature a lot of awesome shootouts. There were also a few cheap moments where gangs of running zombies ambushed me, và as you can probably guess, those sequences weren't very fun … unless I had an assault rifle lớn mow 'em all down.

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is a nice package for gamers who want to destroy legions of undead monsters. Is it worthy of the title trò chơi of the Year? That's debatable. But at $30, it's tough lớn pass this game up. You get a 20-hour main chiến dịch rife with side quests and fun albeit flawed gameplay, a powerful weapon gian lận, an aremãng cầu where you can cấp độ up và kill even more zombies, and a brief add-on chiến dịch. At the over of the day, Dead Island is a really fun time, & you should definitely kiểm tra it out if you've sầu got that zombie huntin' itch.