Release: 2006 Developer: Relic EntertainmentOS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or similar or AMD Athlon XPhường. or similarGraphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 64Mb Clip card Pixel Shader 1.1 or similar và lakiểm tra manufacturer driversMemory: 512 MbStorage: 1 GbSteam Reviews: Very Positive (5,114)93% of the 5,114 user reviews for this game are positive.Version: v 2.700.2.42 - Complete Edition

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The events of the Second World War are revealed before us in several missions. Each chapter Company of Heroes talks about a certain operation in which American soldiers took part in their liberation missions. Company of Heroes is a tactical strategy game with a turn-based combat style. On the territory of the location set by the plot, you will use soldiers to build buildings in which you can use other soldiers. Armored vehicles are also bought in special buildings..

The game has several features. First, resources:

• Armament. This type of resource is given lớn your soldiers, & armored vehicles are also equipped with it. It is produced in special buildings according lớn the given attributes;

• Personnel. Builds buildings và attacks. Soldiers of different classes are hired from the buildings, and then they are endowed with weapons;

• Fuel. Used by armored vehicles & in the construction of buildings.

The more checkpoints you have, the more resources you have sầu. The game forces you lớn constantly leave the base so that you can get more resources, and, accordingly, hire more soldiers.

The storyline chiến dịch is divided into lớn 6 chapters. Each of them takes from 30 minutes khổng lồ 2 hours. The game is initially phối lớn the standard difficulty màn chơi. This gives you some resources at the beginning of the game, forces the enemy lớn develop on a par with you, to capture points when you start doing it. The higher the màn chơi of the game, the faster the opponent develops.

The control battle takes place at a time when most of your soldiers, united in groups, leave the settlement & head lớn combat positions, passing all control points.

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