Ben và Ed is a downloadable 3 chiều computer platkhung game. During the game, we play the character of Ed the zombie. Here we find 23 obstacle courses that are built with extremely dangerous machines và obstacles on the way. The obstacle course is deadly lớn humans because machines amputate limbs, but for Ed the zombie they just limit his ability to lớn move.

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How to Download Ben & Ed

The game is available for tải về from Steam.

The Storyline

Ed was once a very good runner – he proved his ability by winning a silver medal at the Candy Fun Marakhiêm tốn. But just a moment later, just after receiving the great prize, Ed died of a heart attachồng. No one knew the reason for his sudden death. But after his death, when a few days passed, he was alive sầu again. And khổng lồ be more exact half-alive, as he became a zombie who had been wandering around the world for a long time, having no real purpose. The poor Ed finally met a little boy from the neighborhood – Ben. Surprisingly, the boy was not terrified of seeing Ed. What’s more, he took care of the poor ex-runner – Ben would feed hyên with the meat of dead animals. They would both spend chất lượng time together.

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However, this wonderful friendship is now put khổng lồ a thử nghiệm by Hans Showmaster. This man is a very successful businessman because he is the creator of entertainment shows on television. When the news about Ed reaches hlặng, he decides to lớn make money on the zombie. Hans Showmaster kidnaps Ben, & Ed is forced to lớn go through a very dangerous & difficult obstacle course, because only in this way will he be able to release his new friend. Of course, everything is on TV. We can’t help but think of the similar theme of a TV show in Neighbours Out of Hell Games.

The Gameplay

The hazardous courses that constitute the gameplay are extremely diverse, full of all sorts of obstacles and traps, such as hammers, big blades, laser rays, acid puddles clouds, & even chickens or dog food. For ordinary people, a large part of these obstacles is a deadly threat already in the first contact. Fortunately, Ed, being a living corpse, has a much better chance of survival. For hlặng to lớn thua trận a leg or a h& is a handicap, but not a death sentence. At the same time, the player has new possibilities or ways lớn overcome obstacles or solve puzzles. For example, throwing your own head can help open a door to a hidden place.

Ben & Ed Hardware Requirements

Operating System – Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32- / 64-bit)RAM – 4 GB or moreProcessor – 2 GHz Hãng sản xuất Intel Chip Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon II X2 (or better)Graphics card – DirectX 10 compatibleHDD – 5 GB of không tính phí hard disk space





Ben & Ed is a crazy three-dimensional platformer, in which the nhân vật is a zombie named Ed. Download the game, jump, run và avoid the traps.